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Photo ID 227567 by rinze de vries. Germany Air Force VFW Fokker VFW 614, 17 02
Photo ID: 227567
One of three VFW-614s to serve the Flugbereitschaft of the German Defence Ministry, 17+02 served from 1977 until 1998 from its base at Köln-Wahn. For a short period the aircraft was with Muk Air as OY-RGT. She came to the Aeronauticum in 2003.
Photo ID 227566 by rinze de vries. Germany Navy Fairey Gannet AS4, UA 113
Photo ID: 227566
The 16 German Gannets, 1 T.5 and 15 AS.4 aircraft, came from a cancelled batch, originally destined for the Royal Navy. So XG853 became UA+113 and served with the ASM Geschwader at Schleswig and later MFG 3 at Nordholz. Now preserved at the Aeronauticum.
Photo ID 227565 by rinze de vries. Germany Navy Lockheed F 104G Starfighter, 22 98
Photo ID: 227565
Bearing some resemblance with the hardened aircraft shelters at her former base at Eggebek, 22+98 is hardly protected against the elements. The F-104G started her service career with the Luftwaffe as KE+481.
Photo ID 227564 by rinze de vries. East Germany Air Force Sukhoi Su 22M4 Fitter K, 366
Photo ID: 227564
From December 1984, JBG-77 operated the Su-22M-4 and some M-3K two-seaters from Laage. Built in the Sovjet Union, the NVA/LSK aircraft had all been reassembled and test flown at Rothenburg by Sovjet personnel. The other Laage-based M-4 unit was MFG-28.
Photo ID 227563 by rinze de vries. UK Navy Westland WS 51 Dragonfly HR 5, WG719
Photo ID: 227563
The 50th Dragonfly built, WG719 was delivered to 705 Squadron as an HR.3. After conversion to HR.5, WG719 joined 776 Squadron in 1959. In June 1967 the helicopter was stored at RNAY Fleetlands, before coming to Weston-super-Mare in 1989.
Photo ID 226579 by rinze de vries. UK Navy Sopwith Baby, N2078
Photo ID: 226579
On 26 March 1918, N2078, with N2087, attacked a U-boat off Scarborough with 65 lb bombs. A month later, on 23 April, 'The Jabberwock' made a force landing in the North Sea, again off Scarborough. This Baby is a composite of 2 aircraft: 8214 and 8215.
Photo ID 226564 by rinze de vries. UK Navy De Havilland DH 100 Vampire, LZ551 G
Photo ID: 226564
Vampire LZ551/G was first flown on 17 March 1944, later being equipped with an arrester hook to become the prototype for the navalised version. On 3 December 1945, Lt Cdr Eric 'Winkle' Brown wrote history by landing LZ551/G on the deck of HMS Ocean.
Photo ID 226539 by rinze de vries. UK Navy Vought FG 1D Corsair IV, KD431
Photo ID: 226539
It took the FAA restoration team nearly 5 years to remove the post-war applied layers of paint. KD431 returned on display in her wartime c/s of 768 Squadron in August 2005.
Photo ID 226504 by rinze de vries. France Army Piasecki H 21C Shawnee PV 22, FR 41
Photo ID: 226504
Until October 1962, FR-41 was with the Groupe d'Helicoptères No.2 at Sétif in Algeria, coded 'ARB'. Later the Shawnee went to an ALAT training school at Dax, France. Restoration this rare helicopter started recently at THM.
Photo ID 226503 by rinze de vries. UK Royal Aircraft Establishment Saunders Roe P 531 2, XP165
Photo ID: 226503
XP165 had been a training airframe at the RAE Farnborough Apprentice School, before being used by Marconi, Basildon, for trials of the 'Hele-Tele' surveillance system. Its remains ended up at Southend Airport in 1975, before coming to THM in 1985.
Photo ID 226502 by rinze de vries. UK Royal Aircraft Establishment Westland Wessex HAS1, XM330
Photo ID: 226502
Before wearing this raspberry ripple scheme, in the early '70s, XM330 had a dark blue/grey overall c/s, with a white lightning bolt along the fuselage. The RAE Wessex is currently under restoration at THM.
Photo ID 225942 by rinze de vries. UK Air Force Gloster Meteor F 3, EE425
Photo ID: 225942
This cockpit section is all that remains of Meteor F.3 EE425, the oldest surviving Meteor to have seen squadron service with the RAF, having served with No. 1, 63, 222 and 266 Squadrons between 1945 and 1948. Seen here in the excellent Jet Age Museum.
Photo ID 225941 by rinze de vries. UK Army AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1, ZZ382
Photo ID: 225941
The Public Rights of Way (PROW) in a sizeable part of the Everleigh Dropping Zone have been restricted considerably, but excellent views and photo opportunities remain.
Photo ID 225933 by rinze de vries. Private Private Blackburn Buccaneer S 2B, XX894
Photo ID: 225933
On a bitterly cold and windswept day, the Buccaneer Aviation Group celebrated the 25th anniversary of the retirement of this iconic FAA/RAF strike aircraft. XX894 as well as XW544/O, in 16 Squadron c/s, made a fast taxi run down the runway.
Photo ID 225932 by rinze de vries. UK Navy Blackburn Buccaneer S 2B, XV333
Photo ID: 225932
XV333, 801 Squadron, as on HMS Hermes circa 1970. On the trolley is a dummy WE177A as carried by FAA strike aircraft. The weapon was employed as a nuclear depth bomb (0.5 kt yield) in shallow waters, while the 10 kt version was used in deeper waters.
Photo ID 225896 by rinze de vries. UK Navy Blackburn Buccaneer S1, XN957
Photo ID: 225896
The Operational Training Unit for the FAA Buccaneer force was 736 Squadron, based at RNAS Lossiemouth (HMS Fulmar). XN957 is seen here on the flight deck of the Carrier in Hall 3 of the Fleet Air Arm Museum.
Photo ID 225886 by rinze de vries. UK Navy Blackburn Buccaneer S1, XN957
Photo ID: 225886
XN957 spent most of her operational life at Lossiemouth with 736 Squadron. The S.1 came to Yeovilton in 1971 and joined the collection of the Fleet Air Arm Museum in 1974.
Photo ID 225884 by rinze de vries. UK Navy AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2, ZZ528
Photo ID: 225884
ZZ528 of 825 Squadron coming in low over the threshold of RWY-21 at Merryfield. This airfield is frequently used by the Yeovilton-based Wildcats and Merlins. Merryfield transferred from the RAF to the Navy in 1971 and became HMS Heron II.
Photo ID 224866 by rinze de vries. USA Air Force General Dynamics F 16C Fighting Falcon, 91 0406
Photo ID: 224866
Frisian Flag 2019.
Photo ID 224865 by rinze de vries. France Air Force Dassault Mirage 2000D, 635
Photo ID: 224865
Frisian Frog 2019. Mirage 635/3-AS has the badge of the 1st Escadrille of EC 3/3 on both sides of the fin.
Photo ID 216679 by rinze de vries. Private Historic Aircraft Collection Hawker Hurricane XII, G HURI
Photo ID: 216679
In September 2015 a substantial part of the wreck of P3700 was recovered from the crash site at Saddlescombe Farm, near Brighton, where P3700/RF-E crashed on 9th September, 1940. G-HURI is in the markings of Sgt Kazimierz Wünsche's 303 Squadron Hurricane
Photo ID 216506 by rinze de vries. UK Air Force Westland Puma HC2, XW212
Photo ID: 216506
XW212 was upgraded to HC.2 standard in 2014 and returned to service with 230 Squadron on 28th October 2014. Seen here uncoded and unmarked at the Shuttleworth RAF100 show.
Photo ID 216455 by rinze de vries. UK Navy Westland Wasp HAS1, XS567
Photo ID: 216455
Based aboard HMS Gurkha, XS567 attended the (first) Duxford Air Show on 14th October, 1973, as '444' of 829 Squadron. The Wasp came to IWM Duxford in September 1992, coded 'E-434' of the HMS Endurance Flight.
Photo ID 216431 by rinze de vries. UK Navy De Havilland DH 110 Sea Vixen FAW 2, XS576
Photo ID: 216431
On display in Hangar 3 at Duxford is XS576/E-125. The FAW.2 went to sea with 899 Squadron, noted aboard HMS Eagle in 1967 as 'E-126'.
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