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Photo ID 268179 by rinze de vries. UK Navy Westland Wasp HAS1, XT443
Photo ID: 268179
XT443’s last operational service was with No.829 Squadron, FAA, aboard HMS Aurora, coded ‘AU-422’. The Wasp retired in 1987.
Photo ID 268178 by rinze de vries. UK Navy Westland WG 13 Lynx, XW839
Photo ID: 268178
XW839 was the fifth common prototype of the WG-13 Lynx. With development work completed, the helicopter was allocated to the Royal Navy Engineering College, RNEC Manadon (HMS Thunderer), Plymouth in 1980.
Photo ID 268097 by rinze de vries. Italy Air Force Panavia Tornado IDS, MM7039
Photo ID: 268097
MM7039/6-33 of the GEA/6 Stormo, with callsign ‘AMI-0602’ on finals to RWY-05. Whereas the serial on the fin has been lost in the soot, the Red Devil has managed to escape.
Photo ID 268096 by rinze de vries. UK Air Force Gloster E28 39 Replica, W4041
Photo ID: 268096
The real W4041 is on display at the Science Museum, London. On 15 May 1941, the Gloster E.28/39 W4041/G first flew from RAF Cranwell, piloted by Philip E. G. ‘Jerry’ Sayer. In front is a RB.23 Welland, the first British production jet engine.
Photo ID 268088 by rinze de vries. UK Air Force Gloster Meteor F 8, WH364
Photo ID: 268088
WH364 is in the markings of S/L Christopher C. McCarthy-Jones, CO of No.601 (County of London) Squadron as based at RAF North Weald. At least two of the squadron’s Meteor F.8s, WL167 and WK722, carried these markings.
Photo ID 268016 by rinze de vries. UK Air Force Gloster Gamecock I Replica, BAPC 259
Photo ID: 268016
This Gamecock I replica wears the colours of S/L Arthur F. Brooke, the highly respected and inspirational CO of No.43 Squadron, RAF Henlow. His aircraft also had a white/black chequered spine. The squadron flew Gamecocks from April 1926 until June 1928.
Photo ID 268001 by rinze de vries. UK Navy AgustaWestland Merlin HC4, ZJ125
Photo ID: 268001
ZJ125/J of No.845 Squadron, RNAS Yeovilton, approaching the landing spot on the northeastern flank of Black Down above the Okehampton Army Camp.
Photo ID 267676 by rinze de vries. UK Air Force Sepecat Jaguar GR1, XX109
Photo ID: 267676
XX109 was mainly used for development work and service trials with the A&AEE. On 26 April 1975, BAC testpilot Tim Ferguson undertook several take-offs and landings on the then new M55 motorway near Blackpool to test the type’s rough airstrip capacity.
Photo ID 267662 by rinze de vries. UK Air Force Hawker Hunter FR10, XG172
Photo ID: 267662
No.79 Squadron/229 OCU at RAF Chivenor had a number of FR.10s on strength, including XG168, which was flying with the unit in the early 1970s, coded ‘10’. The true identity of this Hunter is XG172.
Photo ID 267661 by rinze de vries. Denmark Air Force Hawker Hunter F51, E 409
Photo ID: 267661
Royal Danish Air Force Hunter F.51 E-409 representing F.4 XE683/G of 74 Squadron, based at RAF Horsham St. Faith, as seen at the time of Exercise Vigilant, held 25-25 May 1957, for which at least two of the unit’s Hunters had their fins painted white.
Photo ID 267615 by rinze de vries. Saudi Arabia Air Force English Electric Lightning F53, 53 686
Photo ID: 267615
On this side, F.53 53-686 has the colours of 74 Squadron applied, representing XR768, the first full-production F.6 for the RAF, delivered to 74 on 1 August 1966. XR768/A was the personal mount of W/C K.J. 'Ken’ Goodwin, CO, 74 Squadron from 1966-69.
Photo ID 267606 by rinze de vries. UK Navy Hawker Siddeley Harrier T 4N, XW268
Photo ID: 267606
XW268 in the anniversary markings of her last unit, No.899 Squadron, FAA. The partly stripped coat of grey on the fin reveals former code ‘U’ (233 OCU) as well as ‘68’ on the starboard side from her days with the Harrier Conversion Unit at RAF Wit
Photo ID 267605 by rinze de vries. UK Air Force Gloster Meteor F 8, WK654
Photo ID: 267605
In June 1950, No.245 (Northern Rhodesia) Squadron, based at RAF Horsham St. Faith, became the first Meteor F.8 day fighter squadron in the RAF and also the last to fly the type until April 1957.
Photo ID 267444 by rinze de vries. Private Private Hawker Hurricane I, G HRLI
Photo ID: 267444
V7497 was attacked by Bf 109s over Deal on 28 September, 1940. P/O Everett Bryan Rogers, 501 Squadron, RAF Kenley, bailed out unhurt. The Hurricane came down near East Sutton in Kent. G-HRLI took to the air again on 30 August 2018.
Photo ID 267443 by rinze de vries. UK Air Force Gloster Meteor F 8, WK991
Photo ID: 267443
In the late fifties, WK991 was in use with 56 Squadron, flying the Hunter F.6 at RAF Wattisham, as a hack aircraft, first coded ‘V’ and later ‘A’. The F.8 is seen here, uncoded, in 56 Squadron markings.
Photo ID 267442 by rinze de vries. Private Historic Aircraft Collection De Havilland DH 9, G CDLI
Photo ID: 267442
Originally built by the Aircraft Manufacturing Company (Airco) at Hendon, E8894 was restored to flying condition by Retrotech and Aero Vintage Ltd and made her first post-restoration flight on 13 May 2019 in the hands of Shuttleworth pilot Roger Bailey.
Photo ID 265791 by rinze de vries. Germany Navy Hawker Sea Hawk F101, RB 363
Photo ID: 265791
On display near the entrance of the Aeronauticum is Sea Hawk Mk.101 RB+363 of MFG-2. The aircraft served as ‘Langstrecken Radar Aufklärer’, although the starboard underwing-pod housing the Ekco 38B radar is lacking here.
Photo ID 265790 by rinze de vries. Germany Navy Hawker Sea Hawk F100, VB 134
Photo ID: 265790
This aircraft was one of 28 German Sea Hawks sold to the Indian Navy for service with INS 300 aboard the INS Vikrant aircraft carrier. After phase-out from Indian service, Sea Hawk IN238 was presented to the Marineflieger in 1996.
Photo ID 265709 by rinze de vries. Germany Navy Lockheed F 104G Starfighter, 20 81
Photo ID: 265709
Jagel’s F-104G gate guard was delivered new to JBG-33 at Büchel Air Base as DC+245 in November 1962 and was re-serialled later as 20+81. After her active service the 104 was placed here at the east gate on 21 December 1981 as ‘23+81’ of MFG-1.
Photo ID 265708 by rinze de vries. Germany Air Force Republic RF 84F Thunderflash, 52 7355
Photo ID: 265708
RF-84F-25-RE (ex USAF52-7355) ‘EB-250’ of AKG-52. This unit operated the RF-84F from 1959 until 1964 from Eggebek Air Base. The Thunderflash was previously on display at Leck, where AKG-52 was based when operating the RF-4E Phantom.
Photo ID 265702 by rinze de vries. Germany Air Force Republic RF 84F Thunderflash, 52 7355
Photo ID: 265702
This side of the Jagel gate guard is in the colours of AKG-51 Immelmann, representing RF-84F-46-RE 53-7678 ‘EA-251’ as operating from Erding and Manching in the early 1960’s. That aircraft was later re-coded ‘EA-351’.
Photo ID 265700 by rinze de vries. Germany Air Force Panavia Tornado IDS, 44 96
Photo ID: 265700
Tornado IDS 44+96 is preserved at the east gate of Jagel Air Base. The aircraft replaced earlier gate guard 43+96 in 2012. On the fin is the rather faded AG-51 badge.
Photo ID 265611 by rinze de vries. Germany Navy Eurocopter EC 135P2, D HTMJ
Photo ID: 265611
'German Navy-4904' takes to the air from the mobile helicopter platform. The HTM helicopter is under contract by the Bundeswehr and is operated by MFG-5 from the civil air terminal's apron.
Photo ID 265610 by rinze de vries. Company Owned Top Aces ATSI Douglas TA 4J Skyhawk, C FGWT
Photo ID: 265610
'499' (BuAerNo.152853) was built as a TA-4F and served USN units VA-125, VX-4 and VX-5. Converted to TA-4J, she served the IDF/AF as '748' and possibly '250'. Returned to the US in 2001 (N250WL), '499' became C-FGWT in January 2021.
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