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#5025 2010-12-10 GMT-5 hours    
Ray, could you clarify the appeal process for rejected photos please.

I have started uploading again after taking a long break and I have been concentrating on AMARG and Tucson scrapyard photos. As always I try to push the boundaries and I have had one photo rejected twice now. I tried to appeal against the first rejection by re-uploading the photo with a note to the screener saying that I wanted to appeal and giving my reasons for doing so. This was swiftly rejected with exactly the same reason as the previous rejection and there was no evidence that it had been considered by a different screener or someone like yourself who might oversee the screening process. I do accept that I might not have followed the correct process for appeal but I cannot find anything on the site that tells me that process.

Thank you

Michael Baldock

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#5026 2010-12-10 GMT-5 hours    
Hi Michael,
That is pretty much it. When you use the ReUpload feature from the My Photos section to upload an improved version of the photo, or the same photo, both the rejected photo and the new photo are moved to the Elevated Queue. The Elevated Queue is a separate queue for rejection appeals and any photos which the screeners feel require a discussion, clarification of data, etc. Once in the Elevated Queue the photo cannot be accepted or rejected until it receives the right number of votes for either scenario. That's why photos in the Elevated Queue can sometimes take a long time to get screened. Sometimes it's hard to make a decision either way, and we have to wait for the votes to come in.

In this case, the photo got the required votes rather quickly and was moved out in what may seem a very short amount of time. Rest assured, we did discuss it and vote on it. Unfortunately, we could not accept it. Perhaps, some more explanation from the screener would have been more helpful.

Yes, I know you like to push the boundaries Michael, but this one simply would not have appealed to the whole audience. Sorry, I know it's not easy to get a photo rejected, and we don't like to reject either, but we have to keep in mind all the other photographers, previously rejected photos, the site audience as a whole, and where we draw the line. Thanks for asking and your support over the years Michael.


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