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Swiss quality aircrafts, built by Pilatus.
Hunter Mk58 503 10k 6 days ago
PC-7 Team
The famous Swiss Air Force PC-7 Team with 9 Pilatus PC-7 aircraft
Hunter Mk58 90 425 6 days ago
Best US Navy/Marines shots
My favourite shots of the US Marines' and Navy's aircraft from Airfighters
Spook 389 17k 7 days ago
Austrian Typhoons
My favourite photos of the Austrian Typhoons
7L*WP 450 15k 7 days ago
Axis warbirds
Old axis aircrafts
Vasmadár 231 16k 8 days ago
The Best of Heinemann's Hot Rod - The A-4 Skyhawk
Spook 44 2k 9 days ago
Allied warbirds
Old allied aircrafts
Vasmadár 506 43k 9 days ago
My favourite shots
spotterforlife 501 60k 9 days ago
Simply the best!
emkey 3,290 213k 10 days ago
Hot Wings!
7L*WP 497 20k 10 days ago
The Mighty Phantom
100% F-4s
Spook 297 21k 10 days ago
The Rising Sun
Great shots from the Japanese Self Defence Force
Spook 194 11k 10 days ago
My favourites from other photographers
Contributions - from other photographers - which I really like
Walter2222 337 29k 10 days ago
ANG F-16's
foufure 79 3k 10 days ago
Sovjet Air Force Germany 1945-1994
497.BAP 187 11k 12 days ago
foufure 391 15k 13 days ago
My favourite photos about the Hungarian Air Force
Vasmadár 307 16k 15 days ago
Great Russian and East European build aircraft
All my Russian or former Eastern block aircraft
Soundbarrier 1,320 13k 19 days ago
Greatest Military Aviation Pics
Carl Brents favourits (by others)
Soundbarrier 210 13k 19 days ago
Airfighter's first
It's always nice when I'm able to feed the database with REAL new Reg's ;)
Grimmi 312 8k 20 days ago
My Airfighters
brienzer 13,638 132k 20 days ago myself
Preserved, scans, or other "oldies"...
Walter2222 214 13k 21 days ago
Air14 by airfighters
wonderful pictures from the big two weekends event in Switzerland
Grimmi 297 5k 22 days ago
Air-to-Air by Grimmi
Real and Grimmi-Style Air-to-Air Pictures, the latter made from very high grounds
Grimmi 74 3k 22 days ago
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