Grumman F-14B Tomcat Aircraft Data
Photo ID 47408 by Henk Schuitemaker. USA Navy Grumman F 14B Tomcat, 162922
(F-14B): Carrier-based, all-weather, interceptor

The F-14B was initially designated F-14A+ by the U.S. Navy. The addition of the GE F110 engines over the original P&W power-plant provided a significant boost in power and safety. The P&W TF-30 was prone to compressor stalls at all flight envelopes. The ALR-67 RADAR Homing and Warning system was introduced on the F-14B. The original AWG-9 RADAR was retained along with many of the A-model's systems. The ability to carry a LANTIRN pod was added to all Tomcats later on in the type's service life.

38 F-14s were built, new, as B-models and 48 F-14As were converted on overhaul. The F-14B served in Desert Storm, Operation Southern Watch, Desert Fox, The Balkan Campaign and Operation Iraqi Freedom/Enduring Freedom. The F-14B was drawn down before the type's final retirement from U.S. Navy service on 9/22/2006. The F-14B was never exported outside of the U.S.
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • First Flight: 1986
  • Initial Service Date: 1988
  • No. Built: 86
  • No. In Service: 0
  • No. of Hardpoints: 10
  • Crew: 2


2× General Electric F110-GE-400 afterburning turbofans at 27,800 lbf


1 × 20 mm M61 Vulcan Gatling Gun, with 675 rounds

6 x AIM-54 Phoenix AAM
4 x AIM-7 Sparrow AAM
4 x AIM-9 Sidewinder AAM

Paveway LGB, Mk. 80 series unguided bombs, Mk. 20 CBU
TARPS reconnaissance pod


Length: 62 ft. 9 in.
Wing Span: 64 ft. 0 in./38ft. 0 in.
Wing Area: 565 sq.ft
Height: 16 ft.
Empty Weight: 41,780 lbs
Max. Weight: 74,350 lbs
Max. Payload: 14,500 lbs
Internal Fuel: 16,200 lbs


Max. Speed: 1,544 mph
Service Ceiling: 53,000 ft.
Normal Range: 500 nm
Max. Range: 2,050 nm


United States Navy (86, retired)

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