Northrop F-5F Tiger II Aircraft Data
Photo ID 38593 by Sven Zimmermann. Switzerland Air Force Northrop F 5F Tiger II, J 3205
The Northrop F-5A and F-5B Freedom Fighter and the F-5E and F-5F Tiger II are part of a supersonic light fighter family, initially designed in the late 1950s by Northrop Corporation. Being smaller and simpler than contemporaries such as the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II, the F-5 cost less to both procure and operate, making it a popular export aircraft.

The F-5 was developed by Northrop Grumman for export through the Military Assistance Program (MAP) in February 1965. This aircraft was initially offered as a candidate for a U.S. lightweight fighter, but became extremely popular as an export finding its niche in the overseas market. In December 1970, Northrop Grumman began development and production on the F-5A-21, an aircraft design that emphasized maneuverability rather than high speed and was officially reclassified as the F-5E. The F-5N/Fs are third-generation F-5 fighter aircraft designed for replacement of the F-5A/B/E production models. These aging aircraft were replaced by low-hour F-5E/F aircraft acquired from the Swiss Air Force surplus by United States Navy (USN) in 2006.

The F-5F is a dual-seat version, twin-engine, tactical fighter commonly used for training and adversary combat tactics. The aircraft serves in an aggressor-training role with simulation capability of current threat aircraft in fighter combat mode.

The Swiss aircraft were updated as F-5N/Fs with modernized avionics and other improved systems and re-baselined by Northrup Grumman to USN configuration which provided a safer, lower-flight time Adversary aircraft with increased capability for Department of Navy (DoN) pilots. These aircraft are assigned to Government facilities, namely, NAS Key West, Florida, MCAS Yuma, Arizona, and NAS Fallon, Nevada and continue to support the adversary training mission.

Crew: F-5N: 1; F-5F: 2
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • First Flight: 1974
  • Initial Service Date: 1974
  • No. Built: 255
  • No. In Service: 255 (approx.)
  • No. of Hardpoints: 5
  • Crew: 2


Two General Electric J85-GE-21A turbojets at 22.2 kN


Guns: 2× 20 mm (0.787 in) M39A2 Revolver cannons in the nose, 280 rounds/gun
2× LAU-61/LAU-68 rocket pods (each with 19× /7× Hydra 70 mm rockets, respectively); or
2× LAU-5003 rocket pods (each with 19× CRV7 70 mm rockets); or
2× LAU-10 rocket pods (each with 4× Zuni 127 mm rockets); or
2× Matra rocket pods (each with 18× SNEB 68 mm rockets)
4× AIM-9 Sidewinders or 4× AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missile
2× AGM-65 Maverick air-to-surface missiles
AA-8 Aphid, AA-10 Alamo, AA-11 Archer and other Russian/Chinese AAMs (Iranian ver.)
Bombs: A variety of air-to-ground ordnance such as the Mark 80 series of unguided bombs (including 3 kg and 14 kg practice bombs), CBU-24/49/52/58 cluster bomb munitions, napalm bomb canisters and M129 Leaflet bomb, and laser-guided bombs of Paveway family.


Length: 15.7 m.
Wing Span: 8.13 m.
Wing Area: 17.28 m²
Height: 4.00 m.
Empty Weight: 4,349 kg.
Max. Weight: 11,214 kg.
Max. Ordnance Load: 3,175 kg.
Internal Fuel: 2,024 kg.


Max. Speed: 1,900 kph
Cruise Speed: 1,405 kph
Service Ceiling: 15,800 m.
Normal Range: 1,075 km
Max. Range: 4,286 km


Bahrain Air Force
Honduras Air Force
Iran Air Force
Jordan Air Force
Kenya Air Force
Malaysia Air Force
Mexico Air Force
Morocco Air Force
Saudi Arabia Air Force
South Korea Air Force
Switzerland Air Force
Taiwan Air Force
Thailand Air Force
Tunisia Air Force
USA Marines
USA Navy

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Photo ID 139219 by Teerawut Wongdee. Thailand Air Force Northrop F 5F Tiger II, KH18KH2 6 23
Photo ID 49435 by Andreas Weber. Switzerland Air Force Northrop F 5F Tiger II, J 3201
Photo ID 139901 by Sven Zimmermann. Switzerland Air Force Northrop F 5F Tiger II, J 3202
Photo ID 149962 by Andreas Weber. Switzerland Air Force Northrop F 5F Tiger II, J 3201
Photo ID 72004 by Andreas Weber. Switzerland Air Force Northrop F 5F Tiger II, J 3203
Photo ID 263111 by Ludwig Isch. Switzerland Air Force Northrop F 5F Tiger II, J 3210
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