How to use the Forums and what's allowed.

1 : Am I allowed to have an image in my Forum signature?    comment link icon (0)
No, images are not allowed in your Forum signature. We want to keep the topic at hand the focus of the post rather than images which can be very distracting. You can have a text signature in Forum posts. Your signature can be created/modified from your "profile" page.
Updated: 2007-03-26   [Top]

2 : What is an avatar and how can I get one?    comment link icon (0)
Avatars are those small images that you may see in Forum posts. You can upload one of your own, or select a pre-loaded avatar from your profile page. To upload an avatar, it cannot be bigger than 64 pixels wide and no more than 75 pixels high. Also, it cannot be larger than 8K in file size.
Created: 2007-03-26   [Top]

3 : How can I add photos to my Forum posts?    comment link icon (0)
There are two ways to insert images into Forum posts.

1) If the photo is on another site and you wish to link to it, you can simply use the
[img]link to the photo[/img]
tags. Remeber, the link has to be an absolute path to that image. Ex.

2) The second way is to upload an image to your PFS and then insert it into the Forum post. To insert a photo this way, click on "My Files" from the bottom of the text area. Then locate the file name and click on the green icon to insert a thumbnail, click the blue icon to insert the full-size image. If you wish to insert the thumbnail, it will automatically create a link to that image.
Created: 2007-03-27   [Top]