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Photo ID 169867 by rinze de vries. Private Private Douglas C 47A Skytrain, VH CWS
Photo ID: 169867
After some 13 years in New Zealand as ZK-AMS 'Spirit of Queenstown', former 34 and 36 Squadron RAAF Skytrain A65-9 (ex USAAF 42-23424) returned to Australia in 2006. VH-CWS was dismantled here at Bankstown in December 2015 for a new owner in Taiwan.
Photo ID 169787 by rinze de vries. Private Private Douglas C 47B Skytrain, VH UPQ
Photo ID: 169787
Skytrain A65-105 was allocated to 37 Squadron in April 1945 and served various RAAF units, including the ARDU. Registered VH-UPQ in July 1969 for the Department of Supply, Short Brothers used her as a support aircraft at the Woomera Rocket Range.
Photo ID 158860 by rinze de vries. Private Private Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer 3, VH EVB
Photo ID: 158860
This Series 3 Twin Pioneer went into service with 2 Squadron, Royal Malaysian Air Force in May 1962 as FM1066. In 1973 the aircraft was sold in Australia and remained airworthy until at least November 2010 when noted flying from Wedderburn airfield.
Photo ID 158859 by rinze de vries. Private Private Douglas A 26C Invader, C GPTW
Photo ID: 158859
This Invader saw brief service with 572 BS, 391 BG. USAAF 43-22653 was noted with code 'P2-C' at Nordholz, East-Friesland, in March 1945. From 1963 the Tulsa-built aircraft spent many years as fire fighter in the US (N9402Z) and Canada (C-GPTW).
Photo ID 149431 by rinze de vries. Australia Air Force Dassault Mirage IIIO F, A3 44
Photo ID: 149431
Almost hidden from view in the crammed Australian Aviation Museum hangar is former 77 Squadron A3-44, which was damaged during live missile firing practice on 8 September 1981. Relegated to ground instruction A3-44 finally found her way to Bankstown.
Photo ID 146519 by rinze de vries. Australia Navy Hawker Siddeley HS 748 Srs2 268 Andover, N15 709
Photo ID: 146519
Fitted with specialised electronic equipment between 1978 and 1980 for electronic countermeasures training, N15-709 was initially operated by 851 Squadron at NAS Nowra, but transferred 723 Squadron in 1984. The aircraft was decommissioned in June 2000.
Photo ID 146477 by rinze de vries. Poland Air Force Mikoyan Gurevich SBLim 2, VH LJP
Photo ID: 146477
This SBLim-2 had served with the Polish Air Force, coded '777', before being exported to Australia in 1989. Although registered VH-LJP it failed to join the Australian jet warbird scene and was finally donated to the Australian Aviation Museum.
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