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Nose Close Up
Carnivorture 45 2k 3 years ago
Over the shoulder view
Carnivorture 26 2k 3 years ago
Just Simply Beautiful
Defining perfection
Carnivorture 185 9k 587 days ago
Additional Personnel
Photos with soldiers in them
Carnivorture 24 2k 3 years ago
Head On View
Every bird has a face
Carnivorture 1,279 45k 590 days ago
Fin Fetisch
Carnivorture 170 5k 3 years ago
Burly Birds
Dedicated to those compact, muscular looking aircraft
Carnivorture 240 15k 3 years ago
Digital Camo
Cool pitures of aircraft with a digital camouflage pattern
Carnivorture 46 3k 3 years ago
Sunset Shots
Carnivorture 193 14k 3 years ago
Focus on the guns, bombs, missiles and bomb bays etc
Carnivorture 121 5k 3 years ago
Made In Sweden
The best shots of Swedish planes
Carnivorture 90 5k 587 days ago
Less Is More
A tribute to clean and uncluttered aircraft designs
Carnivorture 119 5k 3 years ago
The best shots of Variable Sweep Wing Aircraft
Carnivorture 256 17k 587 days ago
In Profile
Carnivorture 171 5k 590 days ago
Buddy Tanks
Carnivorture 8 410 3 years ago
Carnivorture 11 612 3 years ago
Variation In Formation
Collection of different aircraft flying together
Carnivorture 469 21k 587 days ago
Next Gen
The wings of the future
Carnivorture 105 8k 590 days ago
Fans & Props
and nozzles and stuff
Carnivorture 32 2k 1048 days ago
Black birds
Collection of awesome looking black painted aircraft
Carnivorture 181 11k 916 days ago
Flying Boats & Floating Planes
Anything amphibious
Carnivorture 80 4k 590 days ago
Aerial Refueling
Don't spill
Carnivorture 48 3k 590 days ago
Rear View
Every plane has a rear
Carnivorture 137 6k 1048 days ago
Belly Shots & Top Sides
Carnivorture 430 21k 587 days ago
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