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Supermarine 356 Spitfire F.21 Aircraft Data

Photo ID 72902 by Barry Swann. UK Air Force Supermarine Spitfire F 21, LA255
Being on the drawing board as early as February 1942, the Spitfire F.21 was in essence a major redesign of the aircraft with a completely revised wing. Although the elliptical shape was retained, the wing on production aircraft had blunter tips. The new wing, with an extended span of 40ft 2in (12.24m) was fitted to the former Mark IV and Mark XX prototype DP851. Production F.21s however had a wing span of 36ft 11in (11.25m) and an area of 243.6 square feet (22.63m²).

In total only 120 F.21s were built at the Castle Bromwich factory, although at some stage Vickers Supermarine claimed to have an order for 2,9262 aircraft in the book.

The first deliveries to the RAF took place in December 1944, reaching operational units in January 1945. The F.21 entered service with Nos.1, 41, 91 and 122 Squadrons prior to being handed over to the Auxiliary Air Force (600, 602 and 615 Squadron).
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • First Flight: 24 July 1943 (PP139)
  • Initial Service Date: January 1945
  • No. Built: 120
  • No. In Service: 0
  • No. of Hardpoints: 3
  • Crew: 1


Rolls Royce Griffon 61 at 2,035 hp


Four 20mm Hispano Mk.II cannon, with 150 rounds each for the outer weapons and 175 rounds each for the inner cannon. This configuration was first tested on Mk. VIIIg JF319.

Provision for a 250lb (114kg) or 500lb (227kg) bomb under the fuselage. Later aircraft had provision to carry a 250lb bomb under each wing.


Length: 32ft 8 in.
Wing Span: 36ft 11 in.
Wing Area: 242 sq.ft
Height: 13ft 6 in.
Empty Weight: 6,985 lbs
Max. Weight: 9,305 lbs
Internal Fuel: 1,876 lbs


Max. Speed: 457 mph
Service Ceiling: 42,400 ft.


United Kingdom

Random great photos of the Supermarine 356 Spitfire F.21:

Photo ID 72902 by Barry Swann. UK Air Force Supermarine Spitfire F 21, LA255
Photo ID 177797 by rinze de vries. UK Air Force Supermarine 356 Spitfire F21, LA198
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