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#4868 2010-08-10 GMT-5 hours    
Dear Photographers,
As of today, you should receive an automatic e-mail whenever a comment is posted on one of your photos. This will allow you to respond quickly and answer any questions posted about your photos, or to show your appreciation for any good words. Please be kind and courteous and respond in a positive matter to any questions or corrections. Please keep your comments brief and to the point.

Please keep in mind that all comments posted on photos are public and can be read by anyone, and all language should be appropriate for all age levels. All comments should be posted in English. Comments in other languages will be removed. I've noticed that there are a few comments currently on the site in different languages, which is against our site rules. With current translation services from Google and other sites, you can easily translate from almost any other language to English.

I hope you like the new feature and find it useful. As always, thanks for your support and if there are any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


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#4869 2010-08-10 GMT-5 hours    
Thanks Ray the new automatic e-mail because of the comments. It will be very useful.

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