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#4332 2009-09-27 GMT-5 hours    
4 weeks ago there was the so called "Dittinger Flugtage", an airshow near Basle. Switzerland.

2 years ago I was there for the first time, and I was impressed. The host is a small club for air gliding, and the show is held on their airfield (grass, on top of a hill, rather small). A pilot said, it is like landing on a carrier, just without the movements of the runway

The last time, I took a lot of pictures, a few you can find here.

This year I decided to work there as a volunteer, which was also fun.

I was lucky to be on a cashpoint, for both of the days, and, as there were 5 cashpoints, I was on the one, nearest the runway, and I had the chance to see most of the displays.Unfortunately I didn`t bring my camera, because I thaught, I wouldn`t find the time to take pictures, but there was enough time.

On the second day, my girlfriend was there, as a visitor, and I took some pictures with her camera. If she ever sents me those pictures, I will try to upload them.

So on day one, there were many displays, a lot of aerobatic aircraft, the Royal Jordanian Falcons with their Extra 300s, 3 private pilots with their aerobatic aircraft (Votec, Extra 300, the last one I forgot), some gliders, an Extra 300 and it`s rc scale modell, doing the display together, paratroopers of the swiss army, a belgian army helicopter, a swiss army Super Puma, warbirds( Morane, TBM Avenger), AN2, Patrouille Suisse.

On day 2 nearly the same, except instead of Patrouille Suisse, there was the Breitling Jet Team performing. And the Rocketman Dan Schlund was there.

Unfortunately no F4U Corsair, this year. The one that`s been there the years before, was sold.

So, I think, I will be there for the next show, in 2 years, but maybe again as a photographer.

F-14 Tomcat 4-ever!:)

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