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#3387 2008-12-16 GMT-5 hours    
Have just noticed some very interesting old photos uploaded to the database by Chaz Gisby - hope there are many more to come

What also interests me is that Chaz has found a means of varying the copyright notice on his photos. Some are marked copyright Chaz Gisby while at least one is marked as Gisby Family Archives. How is this done?

Reason I ask is that I did raise this a long while back on Airfighters because I wanted to post some of my father's photos which he took between 1944 and 1955. I think the reply was that I should create an account in his name but this does not seem appropriate as he is long deceased so I have done nothing with them since; a shame as some of the photos are of quite rare subjects. If I could do what Chaz has done and have, say, a 'Baldock Archive' copyright for my father's photos and reflect his name in the photo comments that would be most satisfactory for me and Airfighters would host some interesting photos.

So, please, how do I vary the copyright notice?



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#3388 2008-12-17 GMT-5 hours    
Hi Michael,
Actually I did that one-off for Chaz because it was a very unique photo and wasn't his own. I changed the name in his profile, re-created the thumbnails, and then changed the name back to his real name in his profile. As you can see it's a little cumbersome. I can do this for you if you'd like to take a few days to upload your father's photos, then when you are done, I can change the name/copyright back to you. Please send me a PM if you'd like to do it that way. Otherwise, registering another account is the only way to accomplish this.


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