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#3161 2008-09-30 GMT-5 hours    
I only joined a couple of days ago. Discovered the site recently and was seriously impressed so, here I am.

I spent some years as an Air Traffice Controller with the RAF, having been mad keen on military aircraft (mainly fast jets) for years.

Bought a DSLR last year and I'm still working at taking good pictures (one of the first things that struck me about this site was the quality of images - excellent).

I've put some images on and will do more when I get a chance. Nice to meet you all.


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#3162 2008-10-01 GMT-5 hours    
Welcome Gordy! Glad to have you onboard!

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#3163 2008-10-01 GMT-5 hours    
Hi Gordon,
Nice to meet you too and welcome aboard. Enjoy the site.


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