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#1723 2007-12-24 GMT-5 hours    
Hi, after some ridiculous rejects at Anet, I quit with that civil oriented toko......
Then a discussion at the Scramble forum pointed me to this military oriented.
A lot of very, very nice military photos can be found here. Keep up the good work!!!

After my first rejects here (mostly due to lack of sharpening), I am learning what to do and what not do.
My Steamy Tomcat went onboard directly.
I will dig into my digital archive next months to upload more mil stuff.
Just to keep the screeners busy :wink :wink

Bye, Joris van Boven

PS When I visited the USS Kenedy in 2002, they garbled my name into 'Jovis van Bonen'.
And that became my 'nomme de guerre'......

Joris, Location: EHEH
Rule #23: Never mess with a Marine's coffee if you want to live.

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