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#1025 2007-10-14 GMT-5 hours    

Tried to upload one more Argentine photo and something went wrong... twice! It feels as though the upload form fired-off the upload image button before I completely filled-in the photo data. I believe this occurred (twice!) while I was entering airfield data.

This rare behaviour notwithstanding, the photos uploaded and showed up in my inactive photos list. When I tried to view them at the following addresses, however, all I got was Error Message #950 (An error occured, maybe a wrong URL ?).


Furthermore, I notice that my inactive photo panel will not let me erase nor edit both of the photos above. Weird, isn't it?

Can you help me solve this incomplete upload?

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#1027 2007-10-14 GMT-5 hours    
You must've hit the "Enter" button while selecting the data, or sometimes there is a server hiccup. I have deleted those two images as it was the easiest way to fix the problem. Actually, I had no other choice. Please upload again.


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