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#7727 2022-03-28 GMT-5 hours    
Recently we've been getting a lot of photos uploaded at 80-100KB. Why you guys are compressing photos that much is beyond me. Good quality photos are usually in the 400-700KB range, minimum. Highly compressed photos show striations and unevenness in the sky, fuzziness around numbers, and lots of noise. Please do not compress your photos that much. We want to maintain the high quality of the database.

If you're constantly getting photos rejected for too much jpeg compression, please fix it. Continuous uploading of such photos will simply result in your photos staying in the queue and nobody screening them. Or worse, as I've had to do just the other day, completely take away your upload privileges. After about 50 rejections for the same issue, you would think someone would get the point.

So, please take a look at your settings and make sure you are night compressing your photos too much. We don't charge extra for larger file sizes, extra KBs are absolutely free, so please take advantage of it.


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