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#7693 2021-12-06 GMT-5 hours    
Hi everybody,

it's been two years now that I am struggling with identifying some Growlers at Nellis AFB.
During Aviation Nation 2019, 4 Growlers were parked on the east side of the runway, together with some Hawkeyes.

Till now I managed to identify only two of those Growlers:
169137 / NL-540
168380 / NG-504

Does anybody have an idea regarding the ident of the other two Growlers?
Due to the heat haze, I am not able to read the markings on their tails.
This is all I got:
****** / NE-553
****** / NJ-505

Can someone help me out filling in the blanks?
It would be great to finally be able to close this chapter.

Thank you very much in advance!


Johannes Berger

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