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#7581 2020-11-28 GMT-5 hours    
I was wondering what the view is here regards nose art and maybe special squadron markings, for example specially painted tail fins? The reason I ask is that I have just submitted a photo of KC-10A 84-0187 which was on static display at the 1989 Mildenhall Air Fete, she was painted in the 'Shamu' scheme and wore very distinctive 'Shamu' artwork on her nose. My submission is the entire front fuselage of the aircraft back to include the open cargo door (which I hope will be accepted) however I did also take a photo specifically of the artwork itself, would that be acceptable here?

I know that we have very different views here regarding how much of an aircraft should be visible in a photo, personally I love detail and I think that is very much shared by many scale modellers and even aviation historians. Some will dislike it though. Any guidance appreciated.


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Nose and Tail art has to be real art. Squadron badges and the like don't qualify as real artwork.

If the photo is of the artwork itself, that is ok too, but please keep in mind what I have said above.


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