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#7476 2018-12-31 GMT-5 hours    
Well, it seems another year has flown by and left us wondering where all the time went. I hope it was a great year for all of you. Once again, thanks for all your support in uploading the photos, screening, and visiting the site regularly.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!


This is the oldest I've ever been.

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#7477 2018-12-31 GMT-5 hours    
Happy New Year Ray and all AF.com contributers ...

It was a good year .... (for me). I hope for you all too.

I very much liked the option to add pictures of others as a member's collection. So many older pictures can be enjoyed by others too.

Looking forward to a great 2019 in health and prosperity ...

Rgds, Carl.

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#7478 2018-12-31 GMT-5 hours    
Yes, the year had just begun and now it's already gone ... must be the global warming or so ....

Anyway - happy new year to all of you out there, sharing our hobby and enjoying nice pictures !

Greetings from a snowy part of Switzerland, snowscoot rulez

Muuuuhhh - welcome in the land of milk and chocolate

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#7479 2019-01-07 GMT-5 hours    
All the best!

Looking forward to see again some stunning uploads this year!

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