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The Air Defense Exercise “Ocean Sky 18” (previously known as DACT) will take place at Gando Air Base (Canary Islands) from November the 16th till November the 30th.

Participating aircraft will include F-15C Eagle from United States Air Force (USAF), F-16AM from Portugal, a NATO E-3 SENTRY, and Spanish Air Force EF-18 Hornets (12th, 15th and 46th Wings) and Eurofighter EF2000 (11th and 14th Wings), other Spanish Air force units will also support the exercise including, C-295 (35th Wing) and Super Puma and Persuader (802 Squadron) plus CK-130 Hercules (31th Wing).

In order of showing the general public and the aviation enthusiast the importance of this exercise, Spanish Air Force Air combat Command (MACOM) joint with Canaries Air Command (MACAN) have the intention of carrying out a media day (planned for Tuesday November the 26th, but the date isn’t officially confirmed yet) and a spotters day (planned for Wednesday November the 27th, the date isn’t officially confirmed yet). Both events, with their inscription processes will be officially confirmed by the MACOM/MACAN at due time. Repetition, the Spanish Air force have the intention of carrying out both a media day and a spotter’s day, but they aren’t officially confirmed yet.

The Ocean Sky 18 Exercise is developed and coordinated by the Spanish Air Force MACOM within their Air Defense Units advanced training plan. The main goal of this exercise is the advanced training of fighter pilots in air combat tactics by using mock up air combats with dissimilar fighter, within an increasing difficulty air campaign. Where mission planners and fighter pilots have to face advanced and complex simulated combat situations.

If you want to know more about this exercises here is the video I made about last year DACT (2017)
Here is a promotional video I made for the Spanish Air Force (this one is in english)
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#7468 2018-10-28 GMT-5 hours    
Exercise cancelled Alejandro? https://forum.scramble.nl/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=140623

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