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#774 2007-08-28 GMT-5 hours    
Guys, there are far too many images being uploaded at the moment which are not level and while this hasn't been too much of a problem in the past it seems that people are now taking it for granted that they will be accepted and are not taking the time to try and address the problem during processing. Will everybody please level their images before uploading otherwise they will be rejected.

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#959 2007-10-02 GMT-5 hours    

I am bringing this post back to the top for the attention of you all, but mainly for the benefit of our new uploaders, especially our Argentinian photographers.

Far too many images are being uploaded into the database at the moment that are not level, please can you level images before you upload them, we are seeing an increasing number of unlevel images being uploaded into the database at the moment, we do not like to be too picky but some of these images will be rejected in the future if you continue.

Don't say we didn't warn you.:wink




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#961 2007-10-02 GMT-5 hours    

Will try to get Pista 18 group members F28, miotero and rainmaker to bear your comments in mind in future contributions. Photo screeners please notice I do level my own photos before submission... but that doesn't mean that I'm doing it right!

Seriously, your advice will be appreciated.

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