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#6248 2012-12-27 GMT-5 hours    
Looks like the last landing of the Transall nearly took out a couple of spotters when it landed short of the runway. Amazing that no one was hurt.


This is the oldest I've ever been.

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#6249 2012-12-27 GMT-5 hours    
Thanks for the Link, Ray

That landing happened on October 16th in Ballenstedt/Quedlinburg (Germany). There she will stay for two years 'till the definitive place to stay is ready - Museum Wernigerode.
German Air Force say that it's taken as pilot failure (Cpt with 7000h on Transall) - but without consequenzes (the small hill was not visible on any chart to the airfield). Anyway, Pilot had touched 30m too early and Air Force remembers there personell that it is important to phone to such airfields in advance of a landing. Pilot's only failure was to take a flat angle to land on the 805m long runway.

The Police had also failed to secure the area.

Reg was 50+07, the 2nd oldest Transall of German AF and the (back then) oldest flying Transall of the Air Force. This last flight was from Penzing.

Only one picture on AF - and not from the event in the video:

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Photo © Robin Manhart

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