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#547 2007-08-03 GMT-5 hours    
Folks, we’re tightening things up a bit here. I think you’d all agree that a high-quality photo database is in everyone’s interest. Everyone knows a good shot when they see it. So, from now on, please keep these rejection reasons in mind:

1) Aircraft too far from the camera.
2) If any part of the aircraft is out of focus, or even slightly out of focus.
3) Any part of the aircraft covered by another object.
4) Nose of aircraft cut off.
5) Photo is too grainy.
6) Photo over-sharpened.
7) Aircraft off-center.
8) Aspect ratio of photo is not 4:3 or 3:2, or close to it.
9) Data grossly missing or entered wrong.
10) Motive of photo not clear; other objects in the photo.
11) Too much clutter around the aircraft.
12) Photo is too soft.

Of course, we will still be very reasonable and realistic when it comes to accepting photos. Rare or significantly important photos will be given special considerations and are allowed to bend the rules a bit; a modern aircraft where you’ll have ample opportunity to photograph the airplane again, very strict. In the past we’ve only rejected about 10% of photos uploaded. We expect this to go to 20-25% in the coming days and weeks. Once you have uploaded a few photos, or have gotten a few photos rejected, you should have a good idea of what is acceptable and what isn’t. Uploading the same photo with no changes or similar quality photos just wastes everyone’s time. I thank you for your support in the past and future, and look forward to seeing more great photos from all of you.


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