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#6557 2013-11-04 GMT-5 hours    

After initial high altitude spy flights and lately some touch and go's, I made a final touchdown at airfighters.com last Sunday.

Seeing that quality is a high kept standard here, I decided to join. (hoping that my images meet this quality).

I'm in my early 40's and photographing aircraft for over 20 years now. The airbase were I started the hobby was Bitburg Air Base in Germany. Living in The Netherlands, close to RAF-Germany Laarbruch, I soon became a RAF-fan, wich I still am today. One of my favourite aircraft are the RAF Tonka's (Tornado GR4).

My main goal today is not serials or spotting in General, but more photography. As long as I can get a perfect shot (does not matter civil or military, large or small, I'm happy.

In 2004 I started low level photography, and this is still one of my favourite things to do today. Recently I did some Air to Air photography with the Aviation Photocrew in Belgium, wich is besides low level photography my main goal to get good shots of aircraft.

Having no mountains in The Netherlands and A2A oppertunities are rare, I still get exited on a nice sunny day at the fence of some airbase.

I have an own facebook photopage were I post my images (weekly updates) so if you will like me on: My facebook page :wink

I also have an own webpage: www.rkellenaers-photography.nl/

I'm hoping to have a good time here at Airfighters and hope to display my best shots.

Best regards, Ron

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#6559 2013-11-05 GMT-5 hours    
Great to have you here Ron, and welcome aboard! Looking forward to seeing more of your awesome photos.


This is the oldest I've ever been.

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#6560 2013-11-05 GMT-5 hours    
Oawh - you are beginning very awesome, I like the Gripen the most

And now I want more of your beginnings - sounds interesting with RAF Laarbruch and Bitburg

Muuuuhhh - welcome in the land of milk and chocolate

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#6561 2013-11-05 GMT-5 hours    
Welcome, Ron. Good to see you here.
Hope we can enjoy lots of your British pictures

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