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#6407 2013-05-06 GMT-5 hours    
I just recently found out, that Ed Rasimus passed away in january, due to cancer. He was a fighter pilot in Vietnam, first flying the F-105, and 6 years later he came back for a second tour in the F-4. He has written 2 books about his experience: "When thunder rolled" (F-105) and "Palace Cobra" (F-4).

As I really like his books, I looked up his name on google, and found out, he was on facebook. I wrote that I have read his books, and really like them, and asked him, if he would add me as a friend, which would be a great honor for me. He did it, and we even had a nice conversation via chat, he also commented on some of my aircraft models and pictures.

A really nice guy. RIP, Ed!

F-14 Tomcat 4-ever!:)

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This is really sad to hear. (Worse, I'm only learining it now, months after the fact.)

Near the dawn of the internet age, in the mid-1990s, Ed was active on several military avaition usenet groups. He was always approachable, and I always found his posts informative. I had read extensively about air combat in Vietnam, but for a Canadian who was in diapers during the Linebacker campaigns, the stories weer abstract. Ed's online commentary help add a human dimension to what I'd read.

In addition two his own two books, Ed helped to complete Rob Olds's bography, Fighter Pilot, after the General's death.

Blue Skies, Sir!


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