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#5491 2011-07-18 GMT-5 hours    
I didn`t spot planes for a while, cause there is no airport near my current home. But I`m thinking of going to Wittmund AF base, as they are flying the last F-4 Phantom of the german AF. Also there is a base in Jagel, where they fly Tornados.

My problem is that I only have the Canon 55-200 USM lens, which is not good for a/c pictures. Buying a better lens is not possible, cause I don`t have enough money. So I`m thinking about renting a 100-400 L IS for the two trips to the airbases.

But is it a good idea?

F-14 Tomcat 4-ever!:)

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#5492 2011-07-18 GMT-5 hours    
Yes, definitely. If you can't afford a certain lens, wouldn't use it enough to justify buying one, or want to "test-drive" it before buying it, renting is the way to go.

Do you have a specific concern, like cost? (Look how much the fuel for your car will be!) Whether the lens will be in good condition? (That shouldn't be an issue -- if the company offering the lens didn't mantain its equipment, it wouldn't last long in the rental business.) Whether the 1-4 is a good lens? (It must be OK, given how many people have one!)

Hope this helps,


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#5518 2011-07-31 GMT-5 hours    
I would and have rented a lens & cannot recommend this company high enough

You are kept informed of everything that happens from the moment you hire it, its delivery & return.

Just my 10p worth


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