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#3622 2009-02-03 GMT-5 hours    
Hello Guys! I have great news for you! After the fantastic Hungarian Air Show and Military Technology Display 2008 - 70 years old the HUNAF In 2009 august 1-2 will be one of the best airshow in Europe!

Read this:

In accordance with the decision of Dr. Imre Szekeres, Hungarian MoD the ministry once again organizes the International Air Show and Military Display on the 1st and 2nd August on Kecskemét AFB to commemorate the 60th anniversary of NATO and Hungary s 10th year anniversary of joining it further the 5th anniversary of Hungary joining the European Union.

Look the list of the invited countries and display teams and aircrafts! If the half of them go to the MH 59th Szentgyorgyi Dezso AFB we will have very good 2 days!:wink

Look the official site! In 2009 you should look until the airshow day. There will be much things fixed. And you will order tickets too. http://repulonap.hu/airshow/rovatok/en/

Hello guys!

Best Regards,

The invited countries with the aircrafts,helicopters and display teams

Austria - Pilatus PC-6

- S-70 Black Hawk helicopter

Belgium - F-16MLU Fighting Falcon

- Agusta A-109

Bulgaria - Su-25 Frogfoot

- AS-332 Super Puma

Czech Rebulic - JAS-39C/D Gripen
- L-159 B ALCA
- L-410
- L-159 A ALCA
- Mi-24V Hind (special camo)

Finnland - F-18C/D Hornet

France - Patrouille de France - demo team
- Alpha Jet
- Mirage 2000
- Rafale
- Super Etendard
- AS-332 Super Puma

Greece - CL-415 A/C - Fire FIGHTER a/c
- DC-3

- A-7E Corsair (tiger camo)

The Netherlands - F-16MLU Fighting Falcon
- AH-64D Apache
- CH-47D Chinook

Croatia - Wings Of Storm formation
- Mi-171
- MiG-21 (special camo)

Portugal - ASAS de PORTUGAL Alpha Jet Team

Poland - Su-22M4 Fitter
- F-16C/D Fighting Falcon

Luxemburg - E-3 Sentry AWACS (special camo)

Great Britain - Red Arrows - demo team
- Black Cats - helicopter demo team
- Bae Harrier GR9, T8

Germany - BO-105
- Tornado
- Eurocopter EC135 T2
- Eurofighter Typhoon

Italy - Frecce Tricolori - demo team
- C-27J Spartan
- G-222
- Agusta A-109

Russia - Russian Knights - Su-27 demo team

- Su-27 / Su-30

- MiG-29 OVT Fulcrum

- Mi-170-172

Switzerland - Patrouille Swiss - demo team

Spain - Patrulla Aguila - demo team

- Eurofighter Typhoon

- Patrulla Aspa - helicopter demo team
- F/A-18M Hornet
- CASA C-295

Sweden - JAS-39C/D Gripen
- AJSF-37 Viggen

Serbia - G-4 Super Galeb
- J-22 Orao
- Galeb G-2A

Slovakia - MiG-29AS Fulcrum
- Mi-17 Hip

Slovenia - Pilatus PC-9
- Bell-412

Turkey - Turkish Stars - demo team
- C-130 Hercules
- F-16C/D Fighting Falcon

USA - Thunderbirds - F-16 demo team or Blue Angels F/A-18 demo team

- F-15 Eagle

- F/A-18 Hornet

- A-10 Thunderbolt II

- C-17 Globemaster III

Ukraine - Su-27 Flanker

Hungarian Air Force - Static and dynamic:

- MiG-29B (one speical historical camo)
- MiG-29UB
- L-39ZO Albatros ( two with special shark camo)
- JAS-39 EBS HU C Gripen
- JAS-39 EBS HU D Gripen
- Mi-24V (special Hind camo)
- Mi-24P
- Mi-17
- An-26
- static: MiG-21bis MiG-21MF Su-22M3 MiG-23 Mi-1

Lets Fly! :)

Best Regards,


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#3624 2009-02-03 GMT-5 hours    
That looks like an amazing line up of performers, hope everybody accepts the invitation. Submit Kecskemet to the list of events if you want.

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#3717 2009-02-25 GMT-5 hours    
I have bad news. the airshow is cancelled about the economic crisis. The money of the airshow the army wants to create 3000 new military job. Sorry guys...

Lets Fly! :)

Best Regards,


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