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Boeing C-17A Globemaster III

Photo ID 194733 by Luca Fahrni. USA Air Force Boeing C 17A Globemaster III, 07 7171
The Boeing (formerly McDonnell Douglas) C-17 Globemaster III is a large military transport aircraft. The C-17 was developed for the United States Air Force from the 1980s to the early 1990s by McDonnell Douglas. The aircraft carries on the name of two previous United States military cargo aircraft, the C-74 Globemaster and the C-124 Globemaster II. The C-17 is used for rapid strategic airlift of troops and cargo to main operating bases or forward operating base anywhere in the world. It has the ability to rapidly deploy a combat unit to a potential battle area and sustain it with on-going supplies. The C-17 is also capable of performing tactical airlift, medical evacuation and airdrop missions.

A propulsive lift system allows the C-17 to achieve safe landings on short runways. The C-17 is capable of landing a full payload in less than 3,000ft. The propulsive lift system uses engine exhaust to generate lift: the engine exhaust is directed onto large flaps, which extend into the exhaust stream, allowing the aircraft to fly a steep approach at a relatively low landing speed.

The aircraft is capable of turning in a small radius and can complete a 180 star turn in 80ft. The aircraft can also carry out routine backing. A fully loaded aircraft is capable of backing up a 2% gradient slope using the directed flow thrust reversers.
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • First Flight: 1991
  • Initial Service Date: 1993
  • No. Built: 199
  • No. In Service: 199
  • No. of Hardpoints:
  • Crew: 2


4 Pratt & Whitney F117-PW-100 turbofans at 40,440 lbf



Length:174 ft. 0 in.
Wing Span:169 ft. 8 in.
Wing Area:3,800 sq.ft
Height:55 ft. 1 in.
Empty Weight:282,500 lbs
Max. Weight:585,000 lbs
Internal Fuel:189,871 lbs


Max. Speed:515 mph
Cruise Speed:404 mph
Service Ceiling:45,000 ft.
Normal Range:2,785 nm


US Air Force (185 C-17s as of May 2009)
UK Air Force (6 C-17s)
Australia Air Force (4 C-17s)
Canada Air Force (4 C-17s)
NATO (Strategic Airlift Capability, 3)
Qatar Emiri Air Force (2)

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