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Dassault Mirage F1CR

Photo ID 22767 by Alex van Noye. France Air Force Dassault Mirage F1CR, 647
Medium air superiority, attack, reconnaissance, strike fighter.

Primarily aimed at replacing the Mirage III in French service, the Mirage F1 has been used in numerous conflicts by all operators. During the late seventies, the Mirage F1 competed with the General Dynamics F-16 for the "Sale of the Century", but lost at second place. At one point, the Mirage F1 was the most numerous type in NATO, next to the F-16 and F-5. The conventional design, with a complete empennage, is a departure from the staple of Delta Wing designs by Dassault. Despite the traditional layout, the Mirage F1 has some of the most graceful lines, found in the sky.

The F1CR model is a dedicated reconaissance variant of the earlier F1C multi-role aircraft. F1CR standard adds a new Thomson-TRT 40 panoramic camera or a Thomson-TRT 33 vertical camera in the nose, SAT SCM2400 Super Cyclone infrared line-scan unit, Cyrano IVM-R RADAR.
  • Country of Origin: France
  • First Flight: 11/10/82
  • Initial Service Date: 1983
  • No. Built: 740
  • No. In Service: 251 (approx.)
  • No. of Hardpoints: 5
  • Crew: 1


1 x SNECMA Atar 9K-50 afterburning turbojet at 13,240 lbf


The Mirage F1CR operates in an unarmed capacity.


Length:50 ft. 3 in.
Wing Span:27 ft. 8 in.
Wing Area:270 sq.ft
Height:14 ft. 8 in.
Empty Weight:16,000 lbs
Max. Weight:35,700 lbs
Max. Ordnance Load:13,889 lbs
Max. Payload:19,700 lbs
Internal Fuel:7,572 lbs


Max. Speed:1,600 mph
Service Ceiling:66,000 ft.
Normal Range:229 nm
Max. Range:1,160 nm


France (Armee del Aire, 64)

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