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What are the photo albums for and how can I get one?    comment link icon (6)
The Photo Albums are there for you to create a collection of your favorite photos. You must first create a photo album in the "Photo album" section and then add photos to that album. You can create as many albums as you wish. When viewing photos, you will see a drop-down menu that will allow you to select the album to add the photo to. Of course, you must be first logged in. You can also e-mail your Photo Albums to your friends.
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Tzar-T   2008-10-13  
I've tried to make my own photo albums but I can't find the "drop-down menu". Can someone please tell me exactly where I will find it?


Tzar T!

Chizh   2012-01-28  
I have same question.
Anyone can help?

admin   2012-01-29  
You must first create a Photo Album by going to after logging in to the site. Where it says, "Select a Photo Album" click on that drop down and choose "New Photo Album". Enter the relevant info and click the "Create Album" button.

After your photo album has been created, you can add photos to it by selecting the album from the drop down menu found to the left of the thumbnail when viewing search results, or to the bottom right of the page when viewing the actual photo.

Chizh   2012-01-29  
Sorry but I can't find any control for adding photo in the album.
What exactly name of this point in the actual photo page?

admin   2012-01-30  
Look towards the bottom right, below the Comments:

-- Add to photo album --