General usage questions about the site.

1 : Which browsers are supported by the site?    comment link icon (0)
The site has been extensively tested and is compatible with:
1) Microsoft Explorer 6.0
2) All versions of Firefox
3) Apple Safari running OS X
Created: 2007-03-27   [Top]

2 : What is the PFS for?    comment link icon (0)
The Personal File Space (PFS) is just that, your personal file space to upload photos to. You can use it to upload photos to share in the Forums, an article, or your own blog.

To upload photos to your PFS, you must first create a folder. Then, select the folder from the drop-down menu and then browse for the photos you wish to upload. If you wish to use them in Forum posts, articles, or your blog, do not mark them as gallery or public.

We will soon has a "Members Gallery" for you to show off your personal photos, such as your equipment, locations you take photographs or anything else acceptable to the site. In that case, you will create a folder and this time do mark the photos as Gallery and Public. We will make an announcement once the "Members Gallery" has been created.
Created: 2007-03-27   [Top]

3 : What are the photo albums for and how can I get one?    comment link icon (6)
The Photo Albums are there for you to create a collection of your favorite photos. You must first create a photo album in the "Photo album" section and then add photos to that album. You can create as many albums as you wish. When viewing photos, you will see a drop-down menu that will allow you to select the album to add the photo to. Of course, you must be first logged in. You can also e-mail your Photo Albums to your friends.
Created: 2007-03-28   [Top]

4 : Is there a way to get rid of the watermarks on some of the photos?    comment link icon (0)
At the moment no. We are working on a feature to make the watermarks invisible to certain members based on their user level.
Updated: 2007-09-13 Asked By: Asilomar   [Top]

5 : What can I do as a guest?    comment link icon (0)
As a guest, you can view photos, read the forum posts, articles, and view photo albums. You cannot post in the forums, rate photos, make comments, send private messages, contact the photographers, create photo albums, or upload photos.
Updated: 2007-03-30   [Top]

6 : How do I contact the photographers for photo usage?    comment link icon (0)
When viewing photos, you will see a small silver envelope logo to send a Private Message to the photographer. You have to be a registered member, registration is free, before you can contact the photographers. You MUST obtain permission from the photographers before using their photos for any purpose. Using the photos without proper permission will not be tolerated in any way. Additionally, you must mention as the source of the photo wherever used. This is our only payment, as all funds for photo usage go directly to the photographer.
Created: 2007-10-30 Asked By: admin   [Top]

7 : How can I change my email address?    comment link icon (0)
To change your e-mail address, simply send an e-mail to the admin or a private message. You can use the 'Contact Us' form to send the e-mail to the site admin. Members themselves cannot update their e-mail addresses.
Updated: 2009-03-04 Asked By: GBeasley   [Top]

8 : How can I change my User name?    comment link icon (0)
If you've made a typo, we can change it. To get a completely new username is not possible.

There are problems displaying some non-English characters and we will have a fix for that very soon.
Created: 2009-01-29 Asked By: Ladislav Vanek   [Top]

9 : How can I change my User name ?    comment link icon (0)
Usernames cannot be changed, but if you have a typo of some kind, please send a Private Message to admin or use the Contact Us form to let us know of any fixes.
Created: 2009-07-04 Asked By: Plá&觅a   [Top]

10 : How can I delete my active photo?    comment link icon (0)
Active photos cannot be deleted.
Updated: 2012-06-25 Asked By: ?   [Top]

11 : How can I add something to my Real Name?    comment link icon (0)
Please use the contact form to send a request to admin for any changes to Real Name or email address
Created: 2015-10-28 Asked By: Adraf   [Top]

12 : email    comment link icon (0)
how can i change my @mail address .
the one i'm using now will be closed down soon

Please send an email to admin.
Updated: 2016-04-16 Asked By: lemmingskiller   [Top]

13 : How do I change my email address?    comment link icon (0)
Please send a request to admin and it will be taken care of.
Updated: 2017-05-13 Asked By: VERITY   [Top]