Questions related on how to upload photos to the database.

1 : Can I edit or delete my photos after they've been added to the site?    comment link icon (1)
You can edit the info or delete the photo entirely while it is in the validation que. Once "approved" the photo can not be edited by you or deleted.
Created: 2007-03-26   [Top]

2 : What kind of photos can I submit?    comment link icon (0)
We only accept photos related to military aviation, ie. the subject will highly likely be some sort of military aircraft. The photos must be taken by you, thus you are the copyright holder.
Updated: 2007-03-27   [Top]

3 : How many photos can I submit to your site?    comment link icon (0)
You can submit as many photos as you'd like. Start with a few photos to learn the process and see which one's get accepted. Once you have mastered the process, you can submit more and more.
Created: 2007-02-18   [Top]

4 : What is the maximum file size of photos I can submit?    comment link icon (0)
The maximum file size for photos being uploaded is 1024KB or 1MB.
Updated: 2007-04-05   [Top]

5 : Can I have a watermark, copyright, or date on my photos?    comment link icon (0)
No, the photos you upload must be free of any watermarks, copyright notices, or dates. At time of upload, the system will automatically add your copyright to the bottom of each photo and you will have the option of adding a watermark as well.
Created: 2007-03-26   [Top]

6 : How should I name my images?    comment link icon (0)
Each file you upload has to have a unique name. The file name cannot have any spaces between the words or the following characters: "?", "$", "&" ".".
Created: 2007-03-27   [Top]

7 : Do I have to select a category when uploading photos?    comment link icon (0)
No, selecting a category is not necessary when uploading photos. If the photo you are uploading does fit one of the specified categories, then simply select the main category from the drop-down list. Other secondary categories can be selected from the check boxes as needed. The main category has to be selected first.
Updated: 2007-11-09   [Top]

8 : Where do I submit the photos from?    comment link icon (0)
If you're registered as a Photographer, after logging in you will see a link titled Upload Photos in the user bar. This is the page where you will find the upload interphase to upload your photos. After your photo(s) have been uploaded, you can access them for any edits or deletions from the My Photos link.
Updated: 2007-11-09   [Top]

9 : Can I add a watermark to my photos at time of upload?    comment link icon (0)
Yes, we do give you the option to add a watermark to your photos if you wish. You have the option of selecting "Top", "Top Middle", "Middle", "Middle Bottom", or "Bottom". Please add a watermark if you absolutely have to. Also, try to select a position that will not place it directly over the aircraft if at all possible.
Updated: 2007-11-09   [Top]

10 : Can I submit a photo from an old naval calendar?    comment link icon (0)
No, unfortunately not, as you are not the copyright holder. The original photographer or his/her estate, if deceased, is the legal owner of that copyright and can claim all rights to that photo. Photographers can only upload photos taken by them.
Updated: 2007-10-07 Asked By: Pulqui   [Top]

11 : How do I get contacted for photo usage requests/permission?    comment link icon (0)
When viewing photos and in your profile page, there is an icon to send a Private Message to the photographer. Only registered members of the site can contact you for photo usage and or comments. This is done to block out any spam; unfortunately a common thing these days on the internet. Site registration is free and all communication is kept on the site. Any deals you make with the party is solely between you and the person/organization requesting photo usage rights.

In your profile, you are encouraged to set your PM notifications by e-mail to "On". This way, an e-mail is automatically sent to you if a Private Message arrives in your inbox.
Created: 2007-10-30 Asked By: admin   [Top]

12 : Aspect ratio of photos.    comment link icon (0)
Please try to have an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 3:2 on your photos. A 1200x800 photo is easy to look at and looks proportionally nice. We allow up to 3:2.
Updated: 2018-08-17   [Top]

13 : What should I do if there is more than one aircraft in the photo?    comment link icon (0)
Choose the main aircraft and base all the info on that aircraft only. Please do not list more than one type of aircraft or registration numbers. It will make it extremely hard for people to find the photos. You can mention the other aircraft and their registrations in the "remarks" area.
Created: 2007-04-15   [Top]

14 : How long does it take for my photos to be approved?    comment link icon (0)
Our approval process is very fast. It can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 12 hours, most often in 2 to 3 hours. Even if we're online screening photos, we usually give you a few minutes to check-over the photo you just uploaded for any corrections needed after upload.
Created: 2007-05-08   [Top]

15 : It has been a few days since I uploaded a photo and it still hasn't been screened.    comment link icon (0)
This means that the photo is acceptable, but there is some kind of a problem with the data. Most likely we are searching for the correct info. Please check your photo over again, to make sure the data is correct. If you do have the correct data, then please edit your photo so it can be approved.
Created: 2007-05-08   [Top]

16 : What if I don't have the tail number? Can I still submit the photo?    comment link icon (0)
Yes, you can still submit the photos. But before doing so, please make sure you have exhausted all sources where the info can be obtained. Corrections to the database are very time consuming.
Updated: 2007-05-17 Asked By: troy   [Top]

17 : I have America On Line (aol) and I don't see the photo upload interphase.    comment link icon (0)
The photo upload interphase will not work with the aol browser or any other proprietory browser. You can log in but you won't see the appropriate links. Please use Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari and you shouldn't have any problems.
Updated: 2007-07-04   [Top]

18 : Military Aircraft in Civilian Markings?    comment link icon (0)
Previous military aircraft now wearing civilian markings are allowed. Please be sure the aircraft does indeed have a military history.
Updated: 2011-11-19 Asked By: admin   [Top]

19 : How do I find out why a photo is rejected?    comment link icon (0)
Once a photo is rejected, you should receive a detailed e-mail explaining why the photo was rejected. If you do not get an e-mail then there was probably a glitch in the system at the time, or it went to your spam folder. Plesae check your junk folder as well, some ISPs might place it there as it is an "automatically" generated e-mail.
Updated: 2008-02-18 Asked By: Tom Tiger   [Top]

20 : What does photo inactive mean?    comment link icon (0)
It means that the photo has not been approved and added to the database yet.
Updated: 2008-11-27 Asked By: Chaz   [Top]

21 : Is it necessary to include location and or date of photo and how is this done?    comment link icon (0)
A location as in an airport or base is not necessary if the subject was photographed off airport. In that case the "Off-Airport" followed by the exact location convention can be used. An exact date is not absolutely critical, but is nice to have. An approximation to the month and year is ok. Again, the more precise the data, the better. We understand that sometimes due to the sensitive nature of the photograph and exact location/date cannot be provided. In that case, approximations may be used.

All the data is entered/selected on the Upload Photos page.
Created: 2009-05-26 Asked By: rwaynek   [Top]

22 : Are black & white photos acceptable    comment link icon (0)
Black & White photos are acceptable only under certain conditions. For example, a war re-enactment scene showing a historical aircraft. Modern photos converted to black and white for no apparent reason, will not be accepted.
Updated: 2012-01-29 Asked By: rwaynek   [Top]

23 : How can I change my Real name ?    comment link icon (0)
You can send a Private Message to admin or use the Contact Us form to let us know of the changes.
Created: 2009-07-04 Asked By: Plá&觅a   [Top]

24 : Why is it not possible to search photos which were made on slide or film?    comment link icon (0)
We have not made that possible yet, and secondly not all photographers specify whether a photo is a scan or not.
Updated: 2011-07-22 Asked By: Redskin301   [Top]

25 : how to actvate my account    comment link icon (0)
Accounts are activated by the admin after registration. If your account was not activated you would not have been able to ask this question.
Updated: 2012-01-29 Asked By: streakfreak   [Top]

26 : How long does it take to upgarade to platinum account once paid?    comment link icon (0)
It's a manual process. It can take from a couple of minutes to several hours.
Updated: 2012-06-02 Asked By: ironman1764   [Top]

27 : Is there a setting that I can set so when I click on a picture it automatically goes to the large size?    comment link icon (0)
Yes, simply click on Large from below the thumbnails in the search results.
Updated: 2013-07-30 Asked By: DaveGamble   [Top]

28 : I tried to upload a photo but the screen went white    comment link icon (0)
There are a few possibilities, please make sure your photos conforms to these requirements.
1. File name can not contain any special characters.
2. File name does not exceed 55 characters
3. File name ends with .jpg or .jpeg extension, all lowercase letters
4. File size may not exceed 1024KB or 1MB
5. Image dimensions may not exceed 1600px on any side
Created: 2014-01-20 Asked By: PlanesTrains   [Top]

29 : Search member photos    comment link icon (0)
Is there a way to search photos uploaded by a single member?

Yes, there are several ways. You can simply enter the photographers first or last name in the search box. Or when viewing a photo, simply click on "More" next to the photographer name. Also, in the URL after any search parameter, simply add "?phgid=XX". Simply replace the XX with the photographer ID.
Updated: 2014-10-05 Asked By: f106dart   [Top]

30 : How long should a photo be inactive before deleting it?    comment link icon (0)
If your photo has not been approved in about 2 weeks, there's a good chance it will not be accepted.
Updated: 2016-04-18 Asked By: raptor767   [Top]

31 : Scanning from negatives / photos    comment link icon (0)
Can I scan from old negatives and photographs?
What is the recommended resolution?
Will the natural graininess of such source materials be accepted?

We have thousands of photos from slide and film scans. Try your best in your photo editor to get the photo to look the best it can. With software adjustment the graininess and amount of noise can be greatly reduced.
Updated: 2017-01-29 Asked By: Clipper   [Top]

32 : What size photos can I submit?    comment link icon (0)
The photos must be between 1000 pixels and 1600 pixels wide if in landscape format. If it is a portrait shot then it must be at least 650px wide and more than 800px high. If your photo does not meet this criteria, it will not get uploaded. Good sizes for photos are 1024px or 1280px wide for viewing purposes. Also, the aspect ratio of the photo should be either 3:2 or 4:3.
Updated: 2011-07-22   [Top]