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Photo ID 217486 by Joop de Groot. Switzerland Air Force British Aerospace Hawk T 66, U 1257
Photo ID: 217486
Photo ID 217485 by Hans Rödel. Germany Air Force Eurofighter EF 2000 Typhoon S, 30 57
Photo ID: 217485
Take off during morning wave of Frisian Flag 2018
Photo ID 217484 by Gerrit Kok Collection. Taiwan Air Force Northrop F 5A Freedom Fighter, 69188
Photo ID: 217484
Four RoCAF F-5As had found their way back to the USA, probably to be converted to drones by Flight Systems, Inc and returned to the Republic of China. Photo Mark Aldrich
Photo ID 217483 by Colin Moeser. USA Navy Lockheed Martin F 35C Lightning II, 168736
Photo ID: 217483
VX-9's F-35C making a high pass over Jedi. Those Wings on the "C" make it look a lot more aggressive than the A/B models.
Photo ID 217482 by Radim Spalek. UK Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4, ZK318
Photo ID: 217482
Typhoon FGR.4 from 29. sq. / RAF station Coningsby is captured during solo display on Nato Days 2018 & Czech air force Days 2018. 29. sq. has in RAF OCU role for sq.´s with Typhoons. Marking on the tail celebrating this year 100th anniversary of the RAF.
Photo ID 217481 by Radim Spalek. Czech Republic Air Force Evektor EV 97 Eurostar, 2617
Photo ID: 217481
"CANDY 13" - EV-97 assigned to CLV-LOM (Flight training centre) at Pardubice AB taking off into training sortie from RWY 27.
Photo ID 217480 by Gerrit Kok Collection. USA Air Force Republic F 105D Thunderchief, 62 4361
Photo ID: 217480
301 TFW / 465 TFS. Photographer unknown.
Photo ID 217479 by Dieter Linemann. Netherlands Air Force Lockheed C 130H Hercules L 382, G 988
Photo ID 217478 by Max Welliver. USA Navy Boeing E 6B Mercury 707 300, 164387
Photo ID: 217478
E-6B of VQ-3 back taxiing for takeoff on 14R.
Photo ID 217477 by Radim Spalek. Poland Air Force General Dynamics F 16C Fighting Falcon, 4052
Photo ID: 217477
"Tiger" from 6. elt (tactical aviation sq.) / 31. blot (tactical AFB) Poznan-Krzesiny is captured during solo display on NATO Days 2018 & Czech air force Days 2018.
Photo ID 217476 by Radim Spalek. Private VHU Vojensky historicky ustav Yakovlev Yak 11, OK JZE
Photo ID: 217476
Built as licensed Yak-11 in LET Kunovice. As C-11 in Czechoslovakia air force 1955-1964, after army duty AK Mladá Boleslav 1964-1980 as OK-JIL. In 2018 again airworthy after engine overhaul. The C-11 is now in c/s from 1. letka/18. slp at Pardubice AFB.
Photo ID 217475 by Bartolomé Fernández. Spain Navy Cessna 551 Citation II SP, U 20 3
Photo ID 217474 by Bartolomé Fernández. USA Air Force Lockheed Martin C 130J 30 Hercules L 382, 08 8602
Photo ID 217473 by Henk Schuitemaker. USA Marines McDonnell Douglas F A 18C Hornet, 164722
Photo ID 217472 by Gerrit Kok Collection. USA Air Force General Dynamics F 16D Fighting Falcon, 85 1508
Photo ID: 217472
51 FW / 61 FS. Photographer unknown
Photo ID 217471 by Anthony Hershko. Israel Air Force Sikorsky S 70A 50 Yanshuf 3, 528
Photo ID: 217471
A UH-60 Blackhawk is flying at the north side of Haifa
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