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Photo ID 216679 by rinze de vries. Private Historic Aircraft Collection Hawker Hurricane XII, G HURI
Photo ID: 216679
In September 2015 a substantial part of the wreck of P3700 was recovered from the crash site at Saddlescombe Farm, near Brighton, where P3700/RF-E crashed on 9th September, 1940. G-HURI is in the markings of Sgt Kazimierz Wünsche's 303 Squadron Hurricane
Photo ID 216506 by rinze de vries. UK Air Force Westland Puma HC2, XW212
Photo ID: 216506
XW212 was upgraded to HC.2 standard in 2014 and returned to service with 230 Squadron on 28th October 2014. Seen here uncoded and unmarked at the Shuttleworth RAF100 show.
Photo ID 216455 by rinze de vries. UK Navy Westland Wasp HAS1, XS567
Photo ID: 216455
Based aboard HMS Gurkha, XS567 attended the (first) Duxford Air Show on 14th October, 1973, as '444' of 829 Squadron. The Wasp came to IWM Duxford in September 1992, coded 'E-434' of the HMS Endurance Flight.
Photo ID 216431 by rinze de vries. UK Navy De Havilland DH 110 Sea Vixen FAW 2, XS576
Photo ID: 216431
On display in Hangar 3 at Duxford is XS576/E-125. The FAW.2 went to sea with 899 Squadron, noted aboard HMS Eagle in 1967 as 'E-126'.
Photo ID 216424 by rinze de vries. Denmark Air Force Fairey Firefly TT 1, 64 629
Photo ID: 216424
The original Danish Firefly '64-629' (ex Royal Canadian Navy PP460) was written-off after an accident at Vaerløse on 14th January, 1957. Of the six Danish Fireflies 3 were lost in accidents. This aircraft is former FAA Firefly TT.1 PP392.
Photo ID 216423 by rinze de vries. Denmark Air Force North American F 86D Sabre, F 421
Photo ID: 216423
Partly visible behind the nose-wheel door is the retractable tray carrying 24 unguided rockets, at the time considered a more effective weapon against enemy bombers than a barrage of cannon fire. F-421 served with the Tennessee ANG in the late 50s.
Photo ID 216407 by rinze de vries. UK Air Force Bristol F 2b Fighter, E2466
Photo ID: 216407
The RAF Museum's F.2b reproduction is based on an original rear fuselage frame recovered from Weston-on-the-Green in the early 1960s and is finished in the colours E2466 of 22 Squadron as flown from Serny and Maisoncelle , Northern France, in July, 1918.
Photo ID 216404 by rinze de vries. Denmark Air Force North American F 100D Super Sabre, 55 2739
Photo ID: 216404
G-183 is a composite, consisting of the forward fuselage of ex-AdlA F-100D 55-2739 (c/n 224-6) and the rear section of GT-870 (c/n 243-146). The original G-183 was lost in a crash near Leer, Germany, on 13th May, 1977, whilst on route to Twenthe AB.
Photo ID 216363 by rinze de vries. Private Shuttleworth Collection Royal Aircraft Factory SE 5a, G EBIA
Photo ID: 216363
F-904, flown here by Shuttleworth chief engineer Jean-Michel Munn, is credited with at least one aerial victory. Major Charles E.M. Pickthorne, CO of 84 Squadron, downed a Fokker D.VII in F-904 on the 8th November, 1918, only days before the armistice.
Photo ID 216072 by rinze de vries. Italy Air Force Fiat CR 42 Falco, MM5701
Photo ID: 216072
Even if the correctness of the colours on this CR.42 is debatable, MM5701 is a prized exhibit. The fighter of the 95 Squadriglia was highly likely brought down by Spitfires of 41 Squadron and force-landed near Orfordness lighthouse on 11th November, 1940.
Photo ID 216030 by rinze de vries. UK Air Force Royal Aircraft Factory B E 2c, 2699
Photo ID: 216030
By February 1917, this B.E.2c, built by Ruston, Proctor and Co of Lincoln, served with 50 (Home Defence) Squadron at Swingate Down (Dover). The aircraft came to the IWM in 1919. Serial 2699 is on the undersides of the lower wings only.
Photo ID 216029 by rinze de vries. Private The Fighter Collection Hawker Sea Fury T20, G CHFP
Photo ID: 216029
Shortly after Flying Legends 2018 WG655 transferred from The Fighter Collection to Shaun Patrick. The Sea Fury was reregistered G-INVN on 25th July 2018.
Photo ID 216028 by rinze de vries. Private The Fighter Collection Grumman F4F Wildcat FM 2, G RUMW
Photo ID: 216028
TFC's FM-2 Wildcat warming-up for a practice display prior to Flying Legends 2018. G-RUMW is in the markings of JV579/F of 846 Squadron aboard the Attacker-Class escort carrier HMS Tracker in the summer of 1944.
Photo ID 216027 by rinze de vries. Private Red Bull Vought F4U 4 Corsair, OE EAS
Photo ID: 216027
Eric Goujon about to land his Corsair after a spirited close-formation practice display routine with the Red Bull P-38 flown by Raimund Riedmann.
Photo ID 215675 by rinze de vries. Private Private North American Harvard IIb, G BDAM
Photo ID: 215675
FE992 entered RCAF service in 1943 as RCAF-20208, flying with the Service Flying Training Schools at RCAF Moncton, New Brunswick, and later at RCAF Weyburn, Saskatchewan. After the war FE992 became Fv16047 with the Swedish Air Force.
Photo ID 215674 by rinze de vries. Private Private North American Harvard IV, G BGPB
Photo ID: 215674
'TAZ' about to land on the 06-grass runway at Duxford. Before transferring to the Portugese, the Harvard served with the German Air Force as 'BF+050' and later 'AA+050'.
Photo ID 215670 by rinze de vries. Germany Air Force Messerschmitt Bf 109E 4 B, 4101
Photo ID: 215670
4101 had been modified to E-4/B fighter bomber, before Leutnant Wolfgang Teumer of 2./JG 51, based at Peupelingues in Northern France, belly landed at RAF Manston on the 27th November 1940. He had been in combat with Spitfires of 66 Squadron.
Photo ID 215625 by rinze de vries. UK Air Force Supermarine Spitfire Replica, PT462
Photo ID: 215625
In a private garden at a stone's throw from the C-in-C Fighter Command, ACM Dowding Memorial, in Moffat, is this Full Scale Model (FSM) of 253 Squadron Spitfire HF.IXe PT462. The real PT462 is airworthy and based with ARCo at Duxford.
Photo ID 215310 by rinze de vries. UK Air Force Supermarine 329 Spitfire Mk2A, P7540
Photo ID: 215310
On the 25th October, 1941, F/O František Hekl of 312 (Czech) Squadron disappeared without trace over Loch Doon. In 1982 the wreck of his Spitfire IIa was located and salvaged in 1998. The partly restored Spitfire went on display in 2017.
Photo ID 215309 by rinze de vries. UK Air Force English Electric Lightning F53, ZF584
Photo ID: 215309
F.53 ZF584 was flown back from Tabuk AB, Saudi Arabia, to the UK by Mike Chatterton, arriving at BAe Warton on the 22nd January, 1986. Finished in the eye-catching Treble One Squadron F.3 c/s of the mid-sixties, he unveiled 'his' Lightning in May 2011.
Photo ID 215308 by rinze de vries. USA Air Force North American F 100D Super Sabre, 54 2163
Photo ID: 215308
This former AdlA F-100D is in the markings of F-100C 54-2005 of the 174th TFS, 185th TFG, Iowa ANG, as flown by Capt. John M. Haley from Phu Cat AB, South Vietnam, between May 1968 and May 1969. Another F-100 in his colours is on display at Sioux City.
Photo ID 215307 by rinze de vries. Belgium Air Force Lockheed T 33A Shooting Star, FT 36
Photo ID: 215307
Long-term resident at the Dumfries & Galloway Aviation Museum is ex-Belgian FT-36 (USAF 55-3047) The T-33 came via Sculthorpe to the museum in September 1981.
Photo ID 215182 by rinze de vries. UK Air Force Avro 698 Vulcan B 2MRR, XJ823
Photo ID: 215182
In early 1977 XJ823 was one of 9 a/c converted to B.2MRR (Maritime Radar Reconnaissance) for 27 Squadron at RAF Scampton. In April 1981 XJ823 was noted in service with 35 Squadron, with the TFR refitted. The 35 badge is on the starboard side of the fin.
Photo ID 215181 by rinze de vries. UK Air Force McDonnell Douglas Phantom FGR2 F 4M, XV406
Photo ID: 215181
A new brush of paint brings XV406 back in her former Treble One markings, coded 'D' between May 1974 and September 1976; coded 'M' in October 1977. The 228 OCU/ 64(R) Squadron code 'CK', though not visible in the photo, is on the nosewheel door.
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