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Former Swiss Air Force Jets
Jets that flew in the Swiss Air Force some years ago
Hunter Mk58 243 53k 142 days ago
Pictures with flares
Hunter Mk58 47 4k 50 days ago
Airfighters actionshots
These are in my eyes some of the best action-shots at airfighters
Hunter Mk58 255 12k 146 days ago
Swiss Hornets
F/A-18C/D serving in the Swiss Air Force
Hunter Mk58 464 59k 6 days ago
My personal favorites
Pictures that I think are some of my best or just my personal favorites.....
Hunter Mk58 488 86k 69 days ago
Swiss Cougars
Swiss Air Force "Big-Lift"
Hunter Mk58 208 48k 156 days ago
Maximum Power
Babe light my fire.......
Hunter Mk58 262 59k 6 days ago
Pure action in the air
Hunter Mk58 329 13k 69 days ago
Flying Legends Airshow
Pictures from Duxford
Hunter Mk58 73 3k 3 years ago
Big Lift in action...
Hunter Mk58 61 813 173 days ago
Pictures from the past, when a photo was a photo an not bits and bytes.
Hunter Mk58 160 10k 50 days ago
Axalp at its best
Hunter Mk58 257 145k 50 days ago
Every 2 years, the very familiar airshow on that small glider airfield.
Hunter Mk58 57 2k 3 years ago
Swiss Hornet Display Team
Pictures from the Swiss Hornet Solodisplay
Hunter Mk58 53 50k 50 days ago
My personal nightshots, dusk and dawn and anything other with special light
Hunter Mk58 104 4k 156 days ago
AIR 14
THE airshow for the 100th anniversary of swiss military aviation
Hunter Mk58 114 2k 1010 days ago
Patrouille Suisse
The fabulous Swiss Air Force Aerobatic Team
Hunter Mk58 160 5k 142 days ago
INTERLAKEN, my homebase
This is the airbase, were I get my aviation virus ;-)
Hunter Mk58 35 638 414 days ago
......not the canard-birds ;-)
Hunter Mk58 11 628 168 days ago
Swiss EC-635
Swiss Air Force helicopter that came after the alouette-era
Hunter Mk58 101 2k 146 days ago
First Addition (new registrations) on Airfighters by myself
Hunter Mk58 247 53k 201 days ago
Swiss Tigers
F-5E/F Tiger II serving in the Swiss Air Force
Hunter Mk58 467 10k 6 days ago
Favourite Shots
ian172 86 3k 3 years ago
Cool shots
InFlames 18 2k 3 years ago
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