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Special Categories

Here you will find the links to the special categories on the site. In certain cases a photo may fall into two or more categories. For example, it can be a Helicopter with a Special Scheme applied to it and shot at night. In that case, it belongs to 3 categories: Helicopters, Special Schemes and Night Shots.

Please note that these are special categories and most photos do not meet the requirements for any category. To see those photos, plesae select the 'All Photos' link at the very end.

In-flight photos taken from another aircraft in flight.

Navy jets on carriers, including landings and take offs.

Fighters and bombers that went above and beyond the call of duty. Gone, but not forgotten.

Photos of aerobatic display teams.

See some of the best photos on selected by the Editor.

Photos of helicopters the world over.

Fast & low! Check out some of the best low level action shots.

Beautiful night, dusk, and dawn shots.

Photos of aerobatic display teams.

Non-flying aircraft in museums or outdoor display.

Colorful painted aircraft for special events.

Special aircraft used for aerial photography, AWACS and UAVs.

Great shots of tankers, transports and government aircraft.

Derelict and stored aircraft.

All photos whether in a particular category or not.