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#4999 2010-11-30 GMT-5 hours    
Hello everyone,

My name is Guido, aged 43, and I live in Heers, Belgium. I've been on Airfigthers for quite a while already, but am only looking into the forum now. Into military aviation and a spotter since my early days (aged 7), counting the Fouga Magisters flying on final approach to EBST. My parents used to live close to the airbase, so that helped or maybe it was even the cause of the virus...

Always busy, so I try to balance between family live, picture taking, picture processing and scale model building. As for the processing, I use Corel Paintshop Pro. Not the fancy Photoshop that most of us are using, I just can't afford the licenses they charge. PsP is an affordable alternative for me and it works ok.

So far I've only gotten around to upload just a handful of photos, but am positive that I can go back to my backup HD and start revisting the older images. If found good, you'll see them showing up here. In 2010 I had my first experiences in A2A photography and this is certainly something I'd like to explore more in the future.

I've also started maintaining a couple of Photo Albums here on the site of topics that carry my interest: Tigers, special color schemes (tails), sharkmouths and a few Belgian related ones. Drop a note if you like these. :wink

For now, thank you for reading and maybe we'll see each other at a fence or during a meeting.

Be good and stay safe!

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