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#4813 2010-06-12 15:45 GMT-5 hours    
The Spanish Air Force (Ejercito del Aire, EdA) carried out a Dissimilar Air Combat Training (DACT) Exercise at Gando Air Base, Canary Islands , from Feb the 1st to Feb the 12th. Fighters from all the combat units of the EdA took part, Mirage F-1 from Ala 14, EF-18 Hornet from Alas 12, 15 and 46, Eurofighter Typhoon from Ala 11, plus United States Air Force (USAF) F- 15C Eagle from 493rd Fighter Squadron. The exercise also included the participation of an E-3 Sentry from NATO Component, and the Search and Rescue coverage was assigned to the 802 Squadron.

I have made 12 videos for the EdA official web site, covering this massive air combat campaign. The comments are in Spanish, but they included a lot of footage of the air ops, plus some interesting in cockpit footage.

I hope you like them! :smile:

PS: You can download a divx version af any of these videos from my web:



ALA 14 (Wing 15th).


Gando Air Base.

ALA 12 (Wing 12th).


ALA 15 (Wing 15th).

ALA 11 (Wing 11th).

493rd Fighter Squadron (USAF).

462 Squadron (ALA 46).


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