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#4660 2010-02-24 GMT-5 hours    
Hey guys.
Can someone please tell me what happened to the other
site Airlinerdb.com?
Because every time I try to open this page
I got redirected to this one here..?!

Thanks, Marcel

Regards, Marcel

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#4661 2010-02-24 GMT-5 hours    
Hi Marcel,
ADB was actually closed down a few months ago due to lack of interest. There was not enough traffic on the site to justify the time requirements to keep the site running. Sorry about that, but we gave it a good shot.


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#4662 2010-02-25 GMT-5 hours    
A shame but sadly ADB never really developed any 'unique factor' which would attract contributors and more importantly viewers from what is an already saturated sector of the WWW Fortunately Airfighters is still the only 'pure' military aviation photo database so hopefully long may it continue!

From a practical point of view does this mean that former military aircraft wearing civil registrations will now be accepted here again?


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