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#4437 2009-12-25 13:37 GMT-5 hours    
The Customer Sikorsky created a Story of a new Black-Hawk Helikopter .
The Black-Hawk Helikopter in this Version get the Name : Battle Black-Hawk

I see a first pictures at the Sikorsky Website . the Helikopter flight in IDF
Camo and hat a lot of Weapon-Stations at their Pylons. Had anyone of the Forum-
Members more Informations or Links for these Project ???
It was many Yes or No for a Battle-Heliptor at BlackHawk Base, but it must
not only a Apache or other Attack-Helikopter for Troop Support at the Battlefield.

I search Pictures + Information to the Helicopter NH90

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#4438 2009-12-25 14:39 GMT-5 hours    
There's already armed variants of the UH-60 family, 7.62mm gatlin guns as well as Hellfire missiles and 70mm folding fin rockets. Problem is that it's still a medium utility helicopter and it would lack the multiple targeting systems that the AH-64 Apache offers. When it comes to close air support from a heli, the Apache Longbow is the creme of the crop.

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