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#347 2007-06-30 GMT-5 hours    
Just out of curiosity, I have noticed that when I upload images the confirmation screen shows that I have used up 9% of some sort of disc space, presumably an allocation which is given to each photographer. So...

1) Is there a top limit to the amount of space a photographer can use on Airfighters.Com?

2) Does the database software reduce the file size of uploaded images if they are originally large file sizes?


Michael Baldock

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#353 2007-06-30 GMT-5 hours    
Hi Michael,
No, no limit. It's just there to show you how much your photos take up all together. If anyone gets close to that limit, let me know and I will simply increase it. At one time there was a limit, but that policy has been dropped.

No, the photos are not compressed in any way. Not now at least, maybe in the future.


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