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#4094 2009-06-07 GMT-5 hours    
I recently decided to have a blitz on my numerous 'almost completed' 1/48th models and finally get them finished, a couple were started over two years ago! I started making models OOB in the mid 70's and have dabbled occasionally since then, however the range of kits and accessories available now just bears no comparison with what I was used to back then.

Starting with this 1/48th Revell (Hasegawa) Phantom which I painted as a USAF 57th FIS F-4E based at Keflavik Iceland.

Had been working on this one for well over two years, was a real 'test bed' for various techniques. Air brush spraying went really well but now just wish I had used some filler on the rear body join, that is so bad! The old Microscale decals (48-194) were really flaky and the fin bands actually broke up into pieces on application. Also ran out of Humbrol ADC grey after one tinlet, I discovered that they discontinued this paint years ago and I had to buy some Testors enamels in the USA to complete the cockpit canopies. This was my first model to use Johnson 'Klear' floor shine as a final gloss varnish.

Definitely not perfect but overall I am pleased with the final result

This next model is a Revell (formerly Monogram) 1/48th F-4D Phantom operated by the AFRES 89th TFS based at Wright-Patterson AFB Ohio in the late 80's.

I have actually photographed this Phantom at Wright-Patterson in 1987 however she was in the 2xgrey camouflage scheme by then, I would love to have seen her in Europe One just a year earlier as per this model. Am pleased with the airbrushing, decals, cockpit details and AGM-65 Maverick weapons fit but again my filling skills really let this one down. The orange/black band behind the air intake could have been much better cropped as well. The decals were from the Superscale 48-272 set

Now this really is a 'blast from the past'! This is the old 1/48th Esci F-104C Starfighter in the markings of the Puerto Rico ANG 198th TFS.

On the minus side no filler used (again) and also I used the original kit decals which were as near as 30 years old and it shows! This kit is also a very basic one by today's standards though I remember 30 years ago it was totally superior to the Revell offering in the same scale. On the plus side I learned a lot about multi-colour airbrushing, both hand-held freeform as well as using blu-tack as a mask between colours. I also used 'Klear' floor varnish to seal the decals and try to give a realistic satin sheen to the Starfighter. Not going to win any prizes but this one was enjoyable to make which is what matters! And I learned a lot too

Another late 80's 'oldie' this is the iconic 1/48th Monogram F-106A Delta Dart, has been re-released several times over the last 20 years under the Revell label. If you want a quarter scale Delta Dart this is still the only game in town and, yes, I really wanted to try this one!

Again, after well over two years I was both pleased and frustrated with the end result. Overall the construction went well with the exception of the rear fuselage fit which is a well documented weakness with this kit, my then refusal to use filler or plastic card to fill the gap looks to be a bad decision now. I also badly wanted the ADC 5th FIS 'Spitting Kitten' markings having seen several of this unit's Darts in AMARC in the late 80's however the Experts Choice decals are very inaccurate being outlined in light blue rather than black. On the plus side I am pleased with the application of ADC grey using an old Badger airbrush and then sealed with 'Klear' floor polish, the old kit decals went on so well too. With the exception of the rear fuselage this kit goes together so well and the end result is a large real 'in your face' Century Series fighter.

I don't think I can call myself a modeller just yet however I have found finishing these four kits quite satisfying. I have to develop more confidence with filling and sanding and there are so many new techniques to try out such as using washes for example. Can't wait!


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#4095 2009-06-07 GMT-5 hours    
For being built OOB, those kits turned out quite nicely. I myself dabble in aircraft modelling, but find myself with very little time lately. Maybe once I retire, I'll have the time...RIGHT!

Keep up the good work.


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#4096 2009-06-07 GMT-5 hours    
I was going to say the same thing. For an OOB kit they look great. You should definitely continue with any others you have planned. As long as you had fun and enjoyed the build is all that matters.


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