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#3925 2009-04-25 GMT-5 hours    
Hi all,

Just a quick reminder about how the auto-fill options works when querying the database for information for uploading a image. It should not be assumed that any data that the auto-fill finds is accurate for the image that you're uploading now. This comes up quite frequently when we have a older image in the database and somebody uploads a new image of the same airframe and the details may have changed; be it something as simple as coding or quite frequently a new variant after a upgrade. A classic example of this is the original European partner F-16s. I find many new images being uploaded as early F-16A/Bs when current models should be F-16AM/BM variants. I usually catch most of them but they do sometimes get through. Another example is when a image has got through with a mistake and further images added through the auto-fill will just copy the mistake across.

The best way to avoid this is to check the data that the auto-fill adds to your image and don't assume it is accurate because it is added via the auto-fill.

I must add again please add basic serial/coding data and location. We still find many images where this info is clearly visible in the image and it has just been left blank. To be fair, it does appear to be mostly new members not familiar with the process and we will generally add the data but it does become quite a task when faced with several pages of uploads with quite obvious data missing.

Any queries, please contact me and I'll do my best to help.

Gary Stedman

Database Editor

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