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#2053 2008-02-14 18:02 GMT-5 hours    
Boeing Receives FAA Certification for Japan KC-767 Tanker - Company prepares certified aircraft for delivery. This news was published on Wednesday, February 13th, 2008 and is archived under Military Aviation.

ST. LOUIS, Feb. 13, 2008 — The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] today completed Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification requirements for Japan's first KC-767 Tanker, receiving the FAA stamp of approval in the form of a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). "The Japan Air Self-Defense Force asked us to complete passenger and main deck cargo certifications beyond what is normally performed on military aircraft, and we have received our FAA STC for those capabilities," said George Hildebrand, Boeing KC-767 Japan program manager. "Boeing is ready to deliver the first tankers in Japan's history and the most advanced tanker in the world today."

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Photo © Jaysen F. Snow - Midwest Tail Chasers

The FAA previously certified the KC-767 for everything except passengers and main deck cargo. Boeing used a combination of Japan and Italy KC-767 Tankers to complete the testing, clearing the way for Japan to receive its first two of four KC-767s with the convertible freighter configuration in the first quarter of 2008 as planned. The completed tests also will help Boeing obtain FAA certification for the Italy KC-767 followed by delivery of the country’s first two tankers later in 2008.

In the past few months, the Japan and Italy tankers have completed several significant milestones. Boeing successfully completed all required pre-delivery air refueling tests of Japan's KC-767 Tanker including night refueling with an F-15E; completed the second Japan KC-767; flight tested on the Italy KC-767 a newly designed pylon that attaches the Wing Air Refueling Pod to each tanker wing; and completed FAA certification for the mission control system.

Boeing has built nearly 2,000 tankers in its history, and in addition to flight-testing the KC-767 for international customers, Boeing is offering the KC-767 Advanced Tanker for the U.S. Air Force's KC-X Tanker competition.


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#2055 2008-02-14 22:12 GMT-5 hours    
C'mon USAF, buy it!

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