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#1325 2007-11-11 GMT-5 hours    
Sadly one of our newly-registered members tried to submit a photo lifted from another site, obviously from another photographer. Unfortunately this resulted in our first ban ever. This is strongly against not only our rules and regulations but as well as all applicable international copyright laws. Photo theft is a very serious issue. I want to remind everyone again that only photos taken by you, the photographer, are allowed on the site. Please do not attempt to upload any photo which you are not the photographer. Yes, even an attempt will get you banned from the site.

A few things have slipped by us a few times, like wrong reg numbers, and even an incorrect aircraft sub-type here and there. But not removing the name of the photographer from the bottom of the photo is a little too obvious.

Dmitriy is a member of AF, and I'm sure he won't be too amused to see this.


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