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#1311 2007-11-09 GMT-5 hours    
Hi Everyone,
I often get requests from members willing to generously contribute their time screening photos or correcting the data in the database. I really appreciate the generosity and willingness of everyone to help out with the site. Currently we are adequately covered for screening photos but probably will be adding another two photo screeners in the next four to six months. And when the Forums get active, we will be needing moderators as well. While our needs are met currently, I wanted to make everyone aware that there are other ways to contribute and help out with the site. For ex. our Events section is seriously in need of someone or actually anyone, to contribute to it and help keep it up to date. You can find events such as air shows listed on many websites all over the web where the data can be obtained from. Simply log in and in the Events section you will see a link to submit the event. Anyone can add an event. Another area is the Links section. Please submit a link that you feel may be of interest to the members of the site. There are several links sections/categories where links to different websites can be submitted to. Please have a look and see what you can do. Together we can keep the site active and growing. Thanks for your support and participation.


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