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#7195 2017-05-02 00:45 GMT-5 hours    
I've had a few photos rejected for quality lately, with the following explanation given:

The photo is of overall lower quality than our current standards. There may not be a particular issue which we can point out to be corrected, but rather lower quality overall.

Each photo I posted was what I considered to be a good photo. It was centered in the frame both vertically and horizontally, it was cropped well, it was not too bright or too dark, sharp, not fuzzy, etc. The screener obviously thought otherwise, and hey, that is fine. I don't mind having my photos rejected. I think it helps me become a better photographer when I get criticism and told what I can fix, and am allowed a second chance. However, when I am told that there is no particular issue that can be pointed out, the photo is just being rejected, it is hard for me not to take it personal...Like the screener just did not like that particular picture, or that particular subject, or maybe even he/she does not like me (especially when several "good" shots in a row are rejected for quality issues) and it does not give me anywhere to go to improve on it. I don't think I am the only one that would appreciate if this rejection category would be used less. This is a great site, but I think it could be made even better for amateur photogs like me who are still trying to develop our skills.

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#7198 2017-05-08 11:35 GMT-5 hours    
Hi Strikeeagle801.
I understand your situation.
Perhaps you can share some of the rejections as an example.
Rgds, Carl

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