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#7081 2016-07-27 GMT-5 hours    

I did whitelist the site within my browser but your flash/java pop-up still appears. I understand the need to make revenue from site's visitors, but ads can be a safety issue. Many site admins do not have control where their ads come from, and all it takes is a for an ad to have a link to an infected image or piece of code and you have an XSS attack.

It is a shame. I really like this site and have been visiting for close to a decade, but I won't deal with forced ads and popups.


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#7083 2016-07-28 GMT-5 hours    
The only pop-up here is from me asking you to whitelist the website in your adblocker, nothing else. Whitelisting the site should allow the ads and remove any warnings. If you have whitelisted the site and still seeing the warning to turn off adblock, then there's a bug in whatever blocker you are using.


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