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#548 2007-08-03 GMT-5 hours    
Dear Photographers,
If you have a photo rejected, and you think you can fix the problem stated in the rejection e-mail, or have a significantly better version, you can replace the image and send the photo back into que for another screening.

From the "Photographer's area" page, click on "show photos" and locate the photo that was rejected. Only the rejected photos, or those that haven't been screened yet, will have a live "Edit" link. Click on the "Edit" link and it will open up an editing window. Immediately below the image, you will see a link called "Upload again". Click on it and it will take you to an upload screen where you can browse for another version of the image to take the place of the previous image. Upload the new image and click on "Update". The photo can have the same name as the previous image. Failing to click the "Update" button will not put the photo back into que. So, click "Update" and wait for the photo to be screened again. You only have this privilege one time. If the photo gets rejected a second time, you can not re-upload it again.

In a few days, from the "Phographer's area" page, there will be a link to show all rejected photos for easier retrieval, as well as more stats on photos already in the database.


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