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#6032 2012-06-09 GMT-5 hours    
Just had another photo accepted and noticed that it was database number 100,300. Rejected photos are given a different number, my last one was 123,897.

So it looks like Airfighters has hit the 100,000 mark in the last couple of days.



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#6033 2012-06-09 GMT-5 hours    

Lets Fly! :)

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#6034 2012-06-09 GMT-5 hours    

This picture is the lucky winner to be number 100.000 lets get the number ever increasing and make it 1.000.000

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#6035 2012-06-09 GMT-5 hours    
No time to celebrate (yet).
If you look at the bottom of the home page you will see we are just over 98500 pictures now.
A number has been deleted after acceptance, so the picture number is not the number of pictures...

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#6037 2012-06-09 GMT-5 hours    
That is correct, we are close to 100,000 photos and I expect we will reach it middle of next month some time. Our average is about 50 photos per day.

The numbers are off because when the site started we had one numbering system for both the queue and the approved photos. So, if a photo was rejected, that number was lost. To keep it more consistent, the numbering system was modified after about 1500 photos or so were accepted. Of course, once in a while a photo has to be removed for various reasons, so it's really difficult to say exactly which photo is number 100,000.


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